Asian Productivity Organization

Report of APO Symposium on Animal Feed Resources
24–29 August 1987 (SYP/IV/87)

ISBN: 92-833-2087-5

Asian Productivity Organization, 1990

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The status of animal feed resources in the APO region was the subject of a symposium that the APO organized in Tokyo. The discussion appraised the major problems and current policies as well as the general directions which might be pursued by member countries in enhancing feed resource availability and its utilization.

The symposium recognized the fact that as the demand for animal products is expected to increase into the 21st century, animal feed resources must, by necessity, be given due importance in the member countries' development efforts.

The symposium participants were in agreement that: i) feed requirements in the region were generally in excess of supply; ii) the production of animal feeds invariably competed with the production of food crops for human consumption on the same limited agricultural land areas; iii) the formula feed industry had developed rapidly in concert with demand; iv) there is an urgent need for expanded utilization of agro-industrial products and non-conventional feed resources; and v) there is a gap between research and extension in animal feed technology.

The present volume reports on the proceedings of the symposium in five sections that follow: i) Summary Report which synthesizes the major findings; ii) Regional Survey Report which was drawn from a regional survey preceding the symposium; iii) Other Symposium Papers which were presented by selected experts; iv) country papers on feed resources; and v) Appendices that contain information pertaining to the symposium.

The APO is confident that the present volume will prove useful to policy-makers, practitioners and students of animal feeds, and researchers who could fill in the gap between research and extension in animal feed technology.

The APO is grateful to the Government of Japan for hosting the symposium and the Association for International Cooperation of Agriculture and Forestry (AICAF) in implementing it in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The continuing support of Dr. D. A. Cruz, former APO Senior Agriculture Programme Officer, in editing the present volume is also acknowledged.

Asian Productivity Organization

September, 1990

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Part I Summary of Findings

Part II Regional Survey Report
J. R. Simpson

Part III Other Symposium Papers

1. Problems and Potential in Expanding Animal Feed Production
Sukeo Kawanabe

2. Expanding the Utilization of Agro-industrial By-Products and Non-Conventional Feed Resources in Asia
C. Devendra

3. Improving the Utilization of Conventional Animal Feedstuffs
A. Miyazaki

4. Economic Analysis in Feedstuffs Production and Utilization
A. J. deBoer

5. Government Policies Affecting Animal and Feed Industry Development
Ryohei Kada

Part IV Country Papers

1. Rep. of China
Jing-Shing Ho

2. Fiji
Anand M. Sugrim

3. India
M. Raj Reddy

4. Indonesia
Ricardo Manurung

5. Japan
Kenichi Kameoka

6. Rep. of Korea
Kew Mahn Chee
and Nam-Hyung Lee

7. Malaysia
Chin Fook Yuen

8. Nepal
N. D. Joshi

9. Pakistan
Muhammad Akram

10. Philippines
Efren T. Baconawa

11. Singapore
Kim Shim Fah

12. Sri Lanka
Athula Chandrasiri

Part V Appendices

1. List of Participants, Resource Speakers, Observer and Secretarait

2. Discussion Topics Outline

3. Programme of Activities