NACA/TR/85/14September 1985
Lecture Notes
Aquaculture Practices, Planing and Extension in Thailand


The 1985 – 86 Session of the Training Course for
Senior Aquaculturists in Asia

Regional Lead Centre in Thailand
National Inland Fisheries Institute
Kasetsart University Campus
Bangkhen, Bangkok


The Government of Thailand subscribes to the principle of Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC). Therefore, in response to the recommendation of the Fourth Advisory Committee Meeting of NACA in Bhubaneswar, India, on 3–6 December 1984, the Government, under the Thai Aid Programme, made a budgetary provision of ฿156,540 (US$5800 equivalent) for the local operating expenses of the RLCP - based Training Course for Senior Aquaculturists during the overseas study tour to Thailand from 14 July 1985 to 6 August 1985.

The Opening Ceremony followed by a reception were organized to welcome the 22 participants from 10 countries. Mr. Vanich Varikul, Director-General of the Department of Fisheries (DOF), presided over the Ceremony. Mrs. Bung-orn Saisithi, Deputy Director General of DOF also gave a welcoming address to the participants. The representative of the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation explained to the participants the Principles of the Thai Aid Programme.

Based on past experiences and feedback from former trainees, the course conducted in Thailand has been improved and made more efficient. Much efforts have been put into its preparation and organization prior to the arrival of the participants. The most recent advances in Thai aquaculture developed through research have been incorporated into the Centre's training programme for immediate transfer to the trainees.

The participants were given hands-on training in the artificial propagation and larval rearing of Clarias macrocephalus and Puntius gonionotus at the National Inland Fisheries Institute, Bangkok and Pangasius sutchi at the Chainat Fisheries Station. They also visited Lopburi Province to study cage culture of sand goby (Oxyelotris marmorata) and Uthai Thani for Pangasius culture. Training in Macrobrachium and artemia production, conducted at the Chacheongsao Fisheries Station occupied 27% of their time in Thailand. They were also exposed to the culture system of seabass (Lates calcarifer) and penaeid shrimp at the Rayong Fisheries Station. Three days were spent in Khon Kaen for the practical aspects of reservoir fisheries and openwater stocking. Field visits to private farms producing Trichogaster and snakehead were also organized in addition to those mentioned.

Besides hands-on training, lectures on various aspects of Thai aquaculture and its development plan and extension programme were also delivered to the trainees. These lectures are compiled and updated in this volume, which is the third of its kind since the course started in 1981.

 Dr. Thiraphan Bhukaswan
Regional Lead Centre in Thailand
National Inland Fisheries Institute
Department of Fisheries

Bangkok, Thailand
September 1985

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1. Aquaculture and its development plan in Thailand

2. Some information on aquaculture extension in Thailand

3. Induced breeding and larval rearing of Clarias macrocephalus

4. Pla Duk Dan culture in circular concrete ponds with water recirculating system

5. Rearing Larvae of Macrobrachium rosenbergii

6. Observations on the design construction and Management of small - scale or backyard hatchery for Macrobrachium rosenbergii in Thailand

7. Cyst production of artemia salina in salt ponds in Thailand

8. Briefing on sea bass culture

9. Research and trend of cephalopods culture

10. Shellfish economics: Course outline for NACA training group

11. Lecture Note Openwater Stocking

12. Pla salid (Trichogaster pectoralis Regan) a life history and manual for culture