Proceedings of the
International Conference on Timber Plantation Development

The natural forests used to be the only source of commercial timber in tropical timber producing countries. In the past several years however, governments have begun implementing strict conservation policies, which have curtailed the harvest levels from this fast depleting resource base. To meet their respective wood requirements and at the same time revegetate denuded areas, most tropical countries have started to embark in tree plantation programs. As in any endeavor, there is a felt need to improve on the various aspects, e.g., technical and implementing policies on the existing tree plantation programs in the Asia Pacific Region in order to ensure success.
It is within this context that the Philippine Government held the International Conference on Timber Plantation Development on 7 - 9 November 2000 in Manila, Philippines. The Conference was organized by the Forest Management Bureau of the Philippines' Department of Environment and Natural Resources with the assistance from the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.



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Conference remarks

Al-Rashid H. Ishmael, Al Hadj.
Dr. Efransjah
Patrick B. Durst
Antonio H. Cerilles

Session 1: Overview Paper Presentation

World timber supply and demand scenario, government interventions, issues and problems
Dr. Michael Adams and Jeiro Castaño

Current trends and development of plantation forestry in Asia Pacific countries
Patrick B. Durst and Chris Brown

Session 2: Economics and Policy Issues in Plantation Forestry

The economic environment for plantations in developing countries: making plantation forestry a viable land use option
Juan Seve

Financial and other incentives for plantation establishment
Dr. Jeremy Williams

Implications of the Kyoto protocol for plantation development
Rodney Keenan and Allen Grant

Session 3: Technological Breakthroughs in Plantation Forestry

Reproduction technologies & tree improvement at provident tree farms, inc. Agusan Del Sur
Dr. Cesar Nuevo

Nursery and plantation establishment and management
Quality Assurance Procedures

Arthur Roy Douglas Trewin

Integrated pest management in tropical forestry
Dr. Ross Wylie

Reduced impact timber harvesting in the tropical forest plantation
Dr. Elias

Session 4: Country Paper Presentation

Timber plantation in China
Xu Chuande

Development of plantation forestry and joint forest management in India
Dr. Devendra Pandey

The large scale private investment of timber plantation development in Indonesia
Dr. Arief Effendy and Djarot Sri Hardono

Japan's experience in integrating biodiversity and environmental considerations in tree plantation development
Yoshio Utsuki

Forest plantation development in Malaysia and the potential of rubber wood as an important source of timber in the future
Thai See Kiam

The impact of policies and legislation on plantation forestry development in New Zealand
Don Wijewardana

Smallholders and communities in plantation development: lessons from two ITTO-supported projects
Romeo T. Acosta

Timber plantation development in Thailand
Somyos Kijkar

Session 5: Special Topics

Role of plantations as substitutes for natural forests in wood supply - lessons from the Asia-Pacific region
Dr. Thomas R. Waggener

Certification of plantations and plantation timber
Dr. Kevin Grace

The role of financial/banking institutions in timber plantation development
Dr. Alastair Fraser

Sustainability of productivity in successive rotations
Professor Julian Evans

Assessing stakeholder agreements: a new research focus for CIFOR's plantation programme in Southeast Asia
Philippe Guizol and Christian Cossalter

Establishing and strengthening networks to promote tropical forestry Development in the Asia Pacific
Dr. Simmathiri Appanah and U Saw Eh Daw

General Statements and Reccomendations

General statements and major recommendations

Closing Messages


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Conference organizing Committee and Staff

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