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Appendix 1
Survey Itinerary

December 1996
23–24Trial collection in Nasese area
January 1997
2–3Looking for guava tree for skimming net frames. Meet with Mr. Satya Nand Lal of Nadruloulou Research Station (NRS) to request fry net
4–8Fry collection in Nasese area
 9Travel by car to Bau Island and vicinity from NRS and fry collection in the area
17Fry collection in Bau Island, Gau Island and vicinity by boat from NRS
18Fry collection in Laucala Bay area by boat
20Fry collection in Nasese area, preparation of nursery pond in NRS for milkfish fry
21Fry collection in Sigatoka River mouth, Serua Beach, Seashell Cove and Namata beach.
22Fry collection in Korotoga (Sigatoka), Tuva Beach and Natadola Beach in Momi Bay, Sabeto and Veseisei in Nadi area and Raviravi in Ba Town. Stay overnight in Lautoka Fisheries Office
23Fry collection in Raviravi area and Sigatoka River mouth
27Stocked collected fry in the nursery pond
4Fry collection in Nabila Village in Momi Bay and Veseisei in Nadi
5Fry collection by a small dingy starting from Raviravi to Ba River mouth to Tavua Bay
6Fry collection continues in Tavua Peninsila area and Yaqara area
7Fry collection continues in Raviravi area and Sigatoka River mouth
17Fry collection in Nasese area
18Fry collection starting in Navua, then Deuba and Pacific Harbour area using a small boat
19Fry collection in Nasese area
20Trip to Lautoka by bus with Mr. Samuelu Laloniu to join survey team
21Fry collection in Raviravi area, Sigatoka River mouth and Tokotoko floodgate frontage in Navua by car
22Fry collection in Nasese area
3Trip to Natovi by bus then by ferry boat to Nabouwalu; proceed to Dreketi for accommodation
4–5Fry collection in Dreketi, Lekutu and Nakalou areas fronting the sea
6Meeting with Mr. Apolosi Turaganivalu, Assistant Brackishwater Manager, “Cyclone Gavin”, on
his way to Vanua Levu
11Back to Suva
19Trip to Nabouwalu via Natovi then proceed to Dreketi
20Back to Nabouwalu to meet Mr. Ledua Esaroma to join the fry survey and broodstock survey from Nabouwalu to Nasarowaga Village in Bua Province
21Fry collection in Nakalou Village and Dreketi area
22Fry collection in Savusavu area
25Back to Suva
5–7Fry collection in Nasese area
8Pick-up fry shipment from Kiribati for demonstration pond stocking, acclimatisation to freshwater in NRS
11Stocking of acclimatised fry in Viti Corps' freshwater pond
20–23Fry collection in Nasese area
27Preparation of fry barrier net
3Installation of fry barrier net with Fisheries staff and Mr. Tanaka
4Fry collection postponed due to Cyclone June
6Pick up additional fry shipment in Nadi from Kiribati
19–23Fry collection in Nasese area
4–8No fry collected in Nasese area due to cold weather. Terminated the survey.

Appendix 2
Cost of Trial Importation of Milkfish Fry from Kiribati

1) Shipping cost in Australian Dollars of packing materials to Tarawa from Nadi:

Williams and Gosling handling charges$44.36 
Cost of Styrobox25.93 
Cost of freight to Tarawa44.41 

2) Shipping cost in Australian Dollars of 2,000 fry to Nadi from Tarawa:

Cost of fry (5 cent/fry) $100.00 
Freight (Air Nauru) Tarawa/Nadi $3.80 × 40kg152.00 
Handling charge $10/1,000 fry20.00 
Oxygen $1.00/50 cm3/bag × 22.00 
Double lay plastic $1.00/m × 44.00 
Airway bill 2.00 
Customs clearance 2.00 
TOTAL 282.00$282.70

Cost of Fry (CNF Nadi

($398.70 / 2000 fry)A$0.20/fry  

Appendix 3
Survey Team Members and Persons Contacted

Survey Team

Team Leader
Ms. Tavenisa Vereivalu, Fisheries Officer, NRS

Mr. Sam Mario, Fieldman I, Fisheries Division, Nausori
Mr. Kalaveiti Vodo Rabu, Senior Fisheries Assistant, NRS
Mr. Semesa Railala Suka, Labor
Mr. Samuelu Laloniu, Regional Aquaculturist, SPADP II

Persons Contacted

Mr. Hideyuki TanakaChief Technical Adviser, SPADP II
Mr. Maciu LagibalavuActing Director of Fisheries, Lami
Mr. Samisoni TuilaucalaBrackishwater Manager, Lami
Mr. Satya Nand LalSenior Fisheries Officer
Mr. Apolosi TuraganivaluAssistant Brackishwater Manager, Labasa
Mr. Suresh ChandSenior Fisheries Officer, Lautoka
Mr. Male LidawaiFisheries Officer, Dreketi
Mr. Goerge HazelmanFisheries Officer, Ba
Mr. Bana IsakFisheries Officer, Sigatoka
Mr. Tevita TamateauFisheries Officer, Savusavu
Mr. EpeliVillage Chief, Suva

List of Project Field Documents

No. 1*-Survey of commercial seaweed available in the adjacencies of Rewa Delta: A preliminary study of farming potential of new seaweed in Fiji. by T.Pickering and S.Mario
No. 2-Commercial sponge survey in Kiribati and sponge farming development in the South Pacific. by R.Croft
No. 3-Comparative taste test on Nile tilapia and marine fish in Samoa and Nauru. by L.Bell et al.
No. 4-Survey of seaweed “Limu Tanga'u” (Cladosiphon sp) in Tongatapu, Ha'apai and Vava'u Islands in Tonga: Observation on growth in December 1996. by E.Lovell
No. 5-Potential of commercial development of Mabe pearl farming in Vava'u Islands, Kingdom of Tonga. by T.Yamamoto and H.Tanaka
No. 6*-Potential of milkfish farming development in Fiji. by E.Dela Cruz
No. 7*-Sea cucumber ranching in Japan and applications for the South Pacific. by T.Yanagisawa
No. 8-Market survey of aquarium giant clams in Japan. by H.Okada
No. 9*-Feasibility study on the relocation of Naduruloulou Aquaculture Research Station, Fiji. by E.Woynarovich
No. 10*-Design and cost estimate of small-scale pearl hatchery establishment in Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga. by M.Ito
No. 11*-Construction of tilapia demonstration pond and technical guidance on its farming in Samoa. by S.Nandlal
No. 12*-Feasibility study of green snail (Turbo marmoratus) and trochus (Trochus niloticus) transplantations to Samoa. by M.Amos
No. 13*-Pearl marketing trends with emphasis on black pearl markets. by Y.Hisada
No. 14*-Manual of marine snail seed production and stock enhancement. by K.Kikutani, H. Yamakawa, et al.
No. 15*-Technical guidance on Java carp and common carp seed production at the Highlands Aquaculture Development Centre, Papua New Guinea. by Z.Jangkaru
No. 16*-Recommendation towards shrimp farming industry development in Solomon Islands. by H.Kongkeo
No. 17*-Establishment of pearl hatchery and seed production trial in Tonga. by M.Ito
No. 18**-Potential of Eucheuma seaweed farming development in Tonga and Samoa. by D.Luxton

* In printing
** Under preparation

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