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Thanks to Mr. Tanaka Hideyuki who commissioned the consultancy and provided valuable resource material and comments. To ‘Ulunga Fa’ anunu, Senior Fisheries Officer, Ministry of Fisheries, for his manuscript comments and assistance in providing the support necessary for the consultancy. Also to Ofa Paongo who assisted in the field work. In the Ha'apai survey thanks to Tevita 'Atama and Talianuli Napa'a. In the Vava'u Group, thanks to Aisea Tuipulotu and particularly Ofa Moala who provided field information and assistance. Valuable assistance was given by Mr. Kenichi Kikutani of JICA who provided tank facilities for the growth study and temperature data. His experience in the mariculture of Cladosiphon in Japan was helpful in understanding the Tongan situation. Discussion with Mr. Ikeda provided a good understanding of the commercial interest in the export of Cladosiphon sp.

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