Cover Page
Twelfth Session
11–23 June 1951
Rome   Italy

JULY 1951

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I.     Policies and Activities of the Organization
World Food and Agriculture Situation
Program of Work and Associated Long-Term Problems
Economic Development and the Increase of Agricultural Production

The Use of Resources
Full Employment
Fundamental Education
Land Tenure
Migration and Land Settlement
Expanded Technical Assistance
Rural Electrification
International Investment

Commodity Problems
Locust Control
Relief to Korea
Emergency Action to Assist in the Maintenance of Peace and Security
Relations with Other International Organizations

II.    Plans for the Sixth Session of the Conference-November 1951
Agenda of the Session
Suggested Program for Commission I
Suggested Program for Commission II
Program for Commission III
Budget Co-ordination
Date and Place of Sixth Session of the Conference
Date and Place of Thirteenth Session of the Council
Other Matters.

III.   Administrative and Financial Questions
Financial Position of the Organizations
Currency of Contributions
Working Capital Fund
Scale of Contributions
Utilization of the Payment of Contributions of New Members
Utilization of Miscellaneous Receipts
Financial Implications of the Conference's Decision on Date of Membership
Disposition of the Credits of Czechoslovakia and Poland in the Working Capital Fund
Budget for 1952 and 1953
Transfer of Headquarters and Internal Organization
Nominations for Chairman of the Council and Director-General
Expanded Technical Assistance Program
Adoption by FAO of UN Salary, Allowance, and Leave System
Authentic Texts of the Constitution
Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Council
Amendments to the Financial Regulations
Other Matters


A.   Agenda of the Twelfth Session of the Council
B.   Current Situation and Prospects of Food and Agriculture
C.   Table of Certain Divergencies in the Financial Regulations of FAO as Compared with Those of the United Nations
D.   Provisional Agenda for the Sixth Session of the Conference
E.   Representatives, Alternates, Associates, and Advisers of the Members of the Council, and Observers Attending the Twelfth Session

The Council of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations held its Twelfth Session, 11–23 June 1951, at the Organization's Headquarters in Rome.

Adoption of the Agenda

The Council approved its agenda, which is set forth in Appendix A, page 35.

Approval of the Summary Records of the Tenth and Eleventh Sessions

The Council approved the summary records of its Tenth and Eleventh Sessions.