Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Third Expert Meeting on
Socially and Environmentally Responsible
Horticulture Production and Trade

Building partnerships for responsible trade

Nuremberg, Germany,
16 February 2003



"The problem is that economic pressures often induce farmers to grow a particular crop in the most profitable way possible, leading them to ignore sustainable practices. Therefore, public policy needs to encourage and support sustainable agriculture. An ecosystem approach, which considers economic, social and ecological factors together, is the only way to prevent degradation of the environment."

Jacques Paul Eckebil, former Assistant Director-General, head of the Sustainable Development Department of FAO, 2002

Table of contents



List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Basic Concepts of Certification Programmes


Context of the meeting: Initiatives for socially and environmentally responsible horticulture production and trade

Relevant International Conventions and Treaties

The main social and environmental standard setting and certification programmes in the tropical horticulture sector

Collaboration in environmental and social certification

Context of the meeting: Previous Expert Meetings organized by FAO

Theme of the meeting: Building partnerships for increasing sustainability in the fresh produce chain

Supply chain management

Building partnerships along the supply chain

The link with the consumer

Challenges and opportunities for producers, exporters and shippers from developing countries

The meeting: Presentations

Latest developments in social and environmental certification initiatives

Producers' experiences of standard implementation

Views on building partnerships for environmentally and socially responsible trade

The meeting: Discussion

Discussion on "Building partnerships"

Discussion on "Responsible pricing"

Discussion on the role of certification in partnerships

Concluding remarks


Appendix 1. Agenda

Appendix 2. List of participants

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