Biomass Briquetting

International Workshop

RWEDP Report No.23, 1996

The International Workshop on Biomass Briquetting was organised by the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. The Workshop was sponsored by the Technology and Development Group of the University of Twente, The Netherlands, and the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd., India. The Workshop reported the main results of the Biomass Densification Research Project, which was jointly implemented by the two named universities and two private sector companies (Solar Sciences Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, and DENSI-TECH). Results from briquetting activities in other countries in Asia were also reported, and various technical and financial aspects of briquetting were addressed in the International Workshop.

It is clear from the Workshop that substantial progress has been made in briquetting technology and practices in recent years. Briquetting of biomass residues for fuel is an important option for substitution of wood and loose biomass residue fuels, under certain conditions. However, the option should be carefully evaluated and any implementation should be based on a thorough understanding of the requirements and constraints.

During the workshop a variety of presentations was made dealing with resource availability, experiences with briquetting technologies, prospects for marketing the products, etc. Given the fact that large amounts of agro- and forestry residues remain unused in the region, it was recommended that efforts be made by various national and international organisations to promote the technology (see also Biomass Briquetting: Technology and Practices).

 Table of Contents
List of Participants
2.Inaugural Session
3.Biomass Briquetting: Technical and Feasibility Analysis Under Biomass Densification Research Project (Phase II)
Technical Papers
4.Briquetting of Biomass in India - Status and Potential
5.Effect of Feed Preheating on Briquetting of Different Biomass
6.Biomass Briquetting - An Indian Perspective
7.Some Aspects of Screw Press Briquetting
8.Biomass Densification in Indonesia
9.Biomass Briquetting in the Philippines
10.Potential of Biomass Briquetting in Sri Lanka
11.Wood and Charcoal Briquetting in Malaysia
12.Commercialisation of Screw Press Technology Through Entrepreneurial Investment
13.UNIDO Thematic Programme on Biomass Energy for Industrial Development in Africa
14.Biomass Briquettes - A Potential Bio-Energy Source in India
15.Experiences of Briquetting in Punjab
16.ESCAP's Activities on New and Renewable Sources of Energy
17.Petroleum Coke Briquetting
18.Country Report the Union of Myanmar
19.Performance Appraisal of Briquetting Plants in India
20.Comparative Combustion Characteristics of Biomass Briquettes
21.Biomass Used as Energy in Vietnam
22.Traditional Energy Use and Availability of Agricultural and Forest Residues
23.Ram Technology - Problems and Solution
24.Scenario of Non-IREDA Funded Briquetting Units
25.Hardfacing of Screw for Wear Resistance
26.Production of Biomass Briquettors by Small Scale Industries in Myanmar
27.Prospects for Large Scale Briquetting Units in India: A Case Study
28.Barriers to Using Agricultural Residues as a Briquetting Feedstock
29.Financial Appraisal of Briquetting Plants
30.Biomass Briquetting: Financial Analysis of Briquetting Units Under BDRP (Phase II)

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