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Acknowledgement is due to the Council for advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology (CPART) for excerpts from their publication “disABILITY - A strategy to Promote the Participation of People with Disabilities in Programme for Rural Development”, New Delhi, 1996, in the preparation of these strategies.

Photograph Acknowledgements

Roi-Et Community Based Project in Thailand
The Association of Physically Handicapped Horticultural Project, Bangalore, India
Mr. Cyril Siriwardane, Sri Lanka
Handicap International, Cambodia

FAO Round Table Meeting for the Integration of Disabled Persons into Agricultural and Agro Industry Systems held from 13–15 May 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand
Official opening of the Round Table Meeting presided over by Dr. Soetatwo Hadiwigeno ADG/RR of FAO Regional OfficeMr. Eiichi Takada, President of the Japan Deaf Association, receives sign language in Japanese translation from English
Observers from the Thai National Association of the Deaf are communicating from English to Thai sign lanugage in ThaiMr. Prayat Punong-ong, President of the Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand reading the papers in Braille
Senator Narong Patibutsarakich discusses issues with the Meeting Chairman Cyril Siriwardane and Lawrence Jacobson of FAOGroup photograph of the Round Table participants

Cambodia:   Standing up again after 25 years of warfare, Cambodians who are disabled are reintegrating into rural life and finding occupations for themselves

Amputee former soldiers getting back to farming
Simple radio repairs for communication Sewing clothes in the village is a money making venture
Feeding the chickens for household food securityMaking brooms from forest products

India:     Horticulture for people with disabilities: 80% of people with disabilities in India live in rural areas. They are likely to be from poor families who lack resources and opportunities. The Association of Physically Handicapped Horticultural Project, Bangalore, India enables people with disabilities, to participate in agricultural activities, become active participants in their environment and gain skills for employment, with income-generating schemes that have been identified

Nursery for house and garden plants

Selling plants in the cityCorporate plant care service

Sri Lanka: Agricultural activities undertaken by disabled persons
Mr. Kiribanda is a farmer, married with 6 children
Mr. Podiappuhamy lost his hand in a threshing machine accident, but continues to do farm workMr. Kusumaratne, working on his knees, cultivates the field
Mr. Ranasinghe works the onion fields with his familyMs. Nandawathie grows and sells flowers 

Thailand:     The Roi-Et Community Based Project in Thailand aims to include people with visual impairments into everyday village activities. They take part in agricultural, income generating and household activities

Ms. Nuan makes incense sticks and weaves cloth
Ms. Banyen actively takes care of the silk-worm farmingMr. Kan and his wife make palm craft items, sold to support his family of five
Ms. Tongdee works with her family in farmingPreparing the rice field for planting by disabled persons
Piang's mushroom cultivation can support his family instead of being a financial burdenSud grows vegetables to reduce her family's food expenses
Pat and her husband are responsible for the buffaloesMs. Pat, though blind, harvests the rice successfully
Family members of blind persons learning orientation techniques

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