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The Government of Greece assisted by the United Nations Development Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations are engaged in a project whose main purpose is to increase fish production through the application of improved techniques particularly by studies on existing carp reproduction and harvesting in Lake Ioannina and the possibility of improving eel production in the same lake.

The project became operational in March 1973 and a consultant, Dr. D. Riedel, was assigned by FAO for a period of two months.

Due to official duties the consultant was available for one month only in 1974. His assignment was to investigate possible factors causing decline in carp and eel fisheries in Lake Ioannina; to examine carp spawning areas as influenced by lake level fluctuations; to consider the possibility of carp culture operations for stocking the lake; to examine effectiveness of eel pass at dam and alternatives if necessary.


The survey was conducted in Greece from 6–28 May 1974. It included surveying the lake, its limnological features and fish faunal elements as well as the degree of commercial exploitation of its fish stocks. Main emphasis was devoted to evaluate the degree of technical alterations with respect to the hydrological features of the lake occurring as from 1958 and since governing the water volume of the lake. Other areas visited in connexion with problems arising from the decline in eel and carp fisheries in Lake Ioannina included Lakes Ozeros, Lissimachia, Amorakia, all permanent water bodies, one periodic lake within the Thesprotias Region and a second one near Bizani which is used as spawning place for carp and from which fingerlings are being removed just before its water would disappear, i.e. during August/September. Furthermore a brief survey was conducted at the reclaimed area near the Kalamas Dam (nearby Igoumenitsa), the estuary of Kalamas River and the waterfall about 20 km NW of Ieannina which came into existence after 1958.


The following governmental fisheries and agricultural personnel and institutions were contacted:

  1. Mr. M. Gavalas, Director of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Athens

  2. Mr. C. Mavrakis, Governor of Ioannina District, Ioannina

  3. Mr. G. Sklavounos, Inspector of Agricultural Services, Epirus District, Ioannina

  4. Mr. G. Trampas, Inspector of Fisheries, Epirus District, Preveza

  5. Mr. P. Koutsoukos, Chief, Ieannina Department of the Greek Land and Water Use Organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ioannina

  6. Mr. M. Grimpas, Chief, Governmental Fish Hatchery at Louros.

    Other contacts:

  7. Prof. Dr. K. Anagnostidis, Director, Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Athens.

  8. Mr. Th. Koussouris, Biologist, Greek Institute of Oceanography and Fishing Research, Athens

  9. District Laboratory of Veterinary Service, Ioannina

  10. District Laboratory of Food Control, Ioannina

  11. Agricultural Bank of Greece, Branch Ioannina, Ioannina

  12. Department of Agriculture, Ioannina

  13. Fishermen's Cooperative, Ioannina

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