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The Government of Greece, assisted by the United Nations Development Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is engaged in the project Development of Marine and Inland Aquaculture in Greece (FI:DP/GRE/002) whose main objective is the collaboration with the established national authorities and organizations concerned with aquaculture.

As part of the project operations, FAO assigned Mr O. Guelorget as consultant from 17 July to 18 August 1987 with the following terms of reference:

In collaboration with counterparts, prepare plans for the development and management of lagoons identified as offering potential for aquaculture.

In particular the consultant will:

  1. Assist counterparts and carry out a pre-arranged programme of meetings and visits;

  2. Survey the lagoons to assess their practical value as aquaculture sites;

  3. Develop a programme for the management of selected lagoons;

  4. Provide limited technical assistance in response to particular situations encountered;

  5. Advise on techniques for assessment of migration of juveniles into lagoons and estimation of survival rates up to stage of capture;

  6. Organize and conduct a 2-day seminar on development and lagoon management;

  7. Prepare a report on the main findings and recommendations suitable for inclusion as an Appendix in the draft National Aquaculture Plan by the end of the assignment.

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