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Bogonitsa State Hatchery

Location:Bogonitsa (Preveza), Amvrakikos gulf
Owner:Ministry of Agriculture
Species:Sea bass/sea bream/shrimp
Targets:3.000.000 fry/year for sale

State of progress: site preparation almost completed

Cost estimation (1986): 280.000.000 Dr

Main technical data:

Rhodes Aquaculture Farm

Location:Plimiri, Katavia (Rhodes Island)
Owner:Mr. Manolis Lachaniatis (private) 3 Lochagou Fanouraki Street, Rhodes
Species:Sea bass/sea bream/shrimp
Targets:- hatchery production of 1.200.000 fry/year 50% for on-growing, 50% for sale
- on-growing (raceways) production of 150 t/year

State of progress :

- already constructed:hatchery/services buildings, 1st year on-growing raceways
- starting construction:pump station, 2nd year on-growing raceways

Cost estimation:- initial (1984):129.000.000 Dr.
  - actual (1987:259.000.000 Dr.

Main technical data :




“Leros Aquaculture Ltd.”farm

Location:Leros Island
Owner:Philip Dimitrokopoulos
Species:Sea bass/sea bream/puntazzo
Targets:400.000 fry/year (1987/88)
         50 t/year sale-size fish (1988)
100–120 t/year sale-size fish (1990)

State of progress:
operating since 1984/85
present yearly production 15 t (1986 and 1987)

Cost (1981) : 30.000.000 Dr, FEOGA-EEC grant (11.500.000 Dr)

Main technical/operation data:


Cage On-growing

Experimental Hatchery of the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete

Location:Harbour of Iraklion (Crete)
Owner:Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
Species:Sea bass/sea bream and other fish species
Targets:- training
- research
- production of about 500.000 fry/year for sale

State of progress :

Cost estimation (rough) :
of hatchery & pre-growing units, research/training/administrative centre : 150.000.000 Dr

Main technical data :


Pre-growing/Breeders Unit

Kyparissi hatchery

Location:Kyparissi (lagoon)
Owner:Fisheries Cooperative of Kyparissi
Species:Sea bass/sea bream
250.000 fry/year for cage culture nearby

State of progress :
Under construction

Main technical data :

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