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1. It is proposed that current legislation on fish and shellfish disease be drawn together and extended as a Diseases of Fish and Shellfish Act. Such legislation should aim to control both importation and spread of disease within Greece. Details of certification, disinfection, movement controls etc. are suggested following the basic outline of current U K regulations.

2. It will be necessary to carry out extensive and regular screening of fish stocks at present in Greece to establish the exact disease status of those stocks before final decisions can be taken on import control and notifiable disease policy. A prerequisite for this purpose is an expansion of existing diagnostic facilities.

3. It is suggested that the importation of shellfish and exotic species of fish and shellfish for farming purposes be banned. Should importation prove necessary for stock improvement, maintenance of stocks at quarantine stations for several generations whilst testing and cohabitation work proceeds should be undertaken.

4. Training in fish disease is proceeding along correct lines, but staffing and facilities will need to be expanded with demand.

5. Research laboratories are undermanned and underequipped in the disease area, suffering a particular lack of good fish-holding facilities. Even a relatively small expenditure on staffing and equipment in this area would allow the provision of “well-found” laboratories which could then expand their work from grants available both within Greece and internationally.

6. Diagnostic services are at present well-sited but suffering a lack of adequate equipment. Essential for future development in terms of legislation and certification is the provision of at least one good virology facility with appropriately trained staff. The research centres should also play an active role in disease diagnosis.

7. There is a need to facilitate the use of a wider range of medicinal compounds for fish treatments. Suggestions are made on the way in which this could be implemented.

8. It is suggested that provision of insurance cover in an expanded industry should specify the provision of good diagnostic and treatment support.

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