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Appendix 1


Phase 1 - 24.6.87-3.7.87
24 June-Arrive Athens
25 June-EKTHE. Agricultural Bank, Athens
26 June-EKTHE. National Organization of Drugs, Athens
27 June-Selonda bass/bream farm, Corinth
29 June-EKTHE. UNEP, Athens. Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries)
30 June-Ministry of Agriculture (Animal Health) (Fish Products)
1 July-EKTHE. Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries),
Veterinary Laboratory, Athens
2 July-Seminar. Ministry of Forestry, Athens
3 July-Return Scotland

Phase 2 - 7.9.87-29.9.87

  7 September-Arrive Athens
  8 September- 
12 September EKTHE, Athens
Meetings with Ministry of Research and Technology, Marine Farm Technology Ltd., Prof. Penumatikados, Veterinary School, Thessaloniki
14 September-Travel to Ionannina
15 September-Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Laboratory, Ionannina
16 September-Eel farm, Arta. Trout hatchery, Louros
17 September-Carp hatchery, Katziki. Veterinary Laboratory, Ionannina. ICHTHIKA
18 September-Seminar, Messolonghi. Mr Vorinakis, Technology Institute
21 September- 
25 September EKTHE, Athens. Report preparation and typing.
Meetings with Ministry of Research and Technology, Agricultural Insurance Company
26 September-Visit bass/bream farm on Evia with Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries)
27 September-Final discussions. EKTHE
28 September-FAO, Rome
29 September-Return Scotland


Mr Georgiadis, Agricultural Insurance Company, Athens

Mr Ioakimides, Agricultural Bank, Athens

Prof. Pneumatikatos, Veterinary School, Thessaloniki

Mr Dimitriou, Director of Veterinary Services, Veterinary Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Athens

Mr Meravoglou, Veterinary Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Athens

Mr Siris, Veterinary Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Athens

Mr Gabrielides, Mediterranean Action Plan, UNEP

Mr Rendas, Selonda Aquaculture Ltd.

Dr Theochari, Louros Hatchery, Ioannina

Mr Kimonides, (Ex. MEDRAP) Athens

Mr Prickett, Marine Farm Technology Ltd., Athens

Mr Koulias, Mrs Abatzi, Mrs Sidira, Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery Division

Mr Vracas and Mr Molemis, Veterinary Drug Control, National Organization of Drugs, Athens

Mr Georgiou, Ministry of Agriculture (Veterinary Division), Athens

Mr Savides, Ministry of Agriculture (Veterinary Division), Ioannina

Mr Vorinakis, Technological Institute, Messolonghi

Dr Alexis, National Centre for Marine Research

Mr Kolokas, Katziki Carp Hatchery, Ioannina

Mr Birx and Mr Gitonas, Eel Farm, Arta

Mr Tsogas, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Athens

Dr Dendrinos, ICHTHYKA, Messolonghi

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