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Appendix 10

Output 1 A roster of expert consultants, appropriate to the different diseases, who can be made available at short notice to assist with characterization of disease outbreaks.

Activity 1.1

Prepare and keep up to date lists of possible expert consultants for each disease covered by EMPRES.

Activity 1.2

Prepare agreements, with expert consultants and/or their institutions, to enable consultants to travel at short notice to foci of disease for purposes of EMPRES

Output 2 Reference Centers and/or collaborating centers for each of the diseases covered

Activity 2.1

Update agreements with established reference laboratories/or collaborating centers where necessary, to guarantee the diagnostic and other laboratory services necessary to conform with EMPRES requirements

Activity 2.2

Where necessary, for those diseases which are not covered by existing agreements with FAO negotiate and prepare agreements with appropriate laboratories to guarantee the diagnostic and other laboratory services necessary to conform with EMPRES requirements

Output 3 Contracts with vaccine production laboratories for the guaranteed supply of vaccines for each of the diseases specified in the project document.

Activity 3.1

Prepare specifications of vaccines appropriate for each disease including; type/strain, storage and transport requirements, and taking into account possible regional differences.

Activity 3.2

Prepare lists of possible sources of vaccines for each target disease.

Activity 3.3

Arrange, in collaboration with the appropriate specialised FAO units, for contracts to be entered into with vaccine suppliers to guarantee the supply of specified quantities of quality controlled vaccines at short notice.

Output 4 Identified sources of other materials

Activity 4.1

Prepare a list, including quantities, of essential supplies syringes needles, protective clothing etc. which may be necessary for use in a typical emergency intervention.

Activity 4.2

Identify sources of other materials and arrange contracts/agreements, as necessary, to guarantee immediate supply when needed at short notice.

Output 5 Plan for action within FAO in case of disease emergency

Activity 5.1

Prepare action plans and prioritise steps to be taken in a typical emergency. This should include: identification of officers responsible for implementing the different actions, identification of officers (FAO headquarters, national, and FAO country and regional offices etc.) to be notified of actions being taken.

Activity 5.2

Ensure that all officers potentially involved in the plan are fully informed of its purposes and functioning and understand their responsibilities

Output 6 A functioning early reaction system

Activity 6.1

Analyse information received, directly or indirectly, about target disease outbreaks and as appropriate activate the early reaction plan of action (1.5 above)

Activity 6.2

Take actions necessary to recruit consultants and order vaccines and supplies

Activity 6.3

Advise all officers involved of actions being taken and of necessary follow-up actions

Activity 6.4

Prepare short incident reports, analysing data on speed and efficiency of actions, problems encountered and result of the intervention particularly in relation to disease control.

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