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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Sub-Regional Office for East and Southern Africa (SAFR)
Harare, 1998


Table of Contents

List of acronyms


PART I: Background information and recommendations of the consultation


Objectives of the consultation



Recommendations of the Consultation

Summary of the Working Groups discussions and recommendations

PART II: Country papers presented at the consultation

BURUNDI            Etienne Kayengayenge and Cyprien Ndayegamiye 
KENYA                  S.P.M. Kiai  and G.M. Mailu 
MOZAMBIQUE  Rui Brito, F. Gomes, J. Mafalacusser and M.R. Marques, 
RWANDA             Sam G. Kanyarukiga and Vincent Ngarambe 
TANZANIA          G.M. Kalinga and Edith Shayo 
UGANDA             Paul Mafabi and Frank Akena 
ZAMBIA               I. Akayombokwa and Nawa Mukanda 
ZIMBABWE         I.M. Mharapara, M.D. Munema and R. Mkwanda 

PART III: Resource papers presented at the consultation

Use of agro-ecological zones and resource management domains for sustainable management of African wetlands
Parviz Koohafkan, Freddy Nachtergaele and Jacques Antoine 


Mapping and characterizing inland valley agro-ecosystems: The case of West Africa

Wim Andriesse  


Hydrological strategy to develop and manage African wetland resources for sustainable agricultural use
Andrew Bullock, Kevin Gilman, Matthew McCartney, Dominic Waughray, Ken Blyth, Anthony Andrews 


Factors affecting wetland rice production and the classification of wetlands for agricultural production
Van Nguu Nguyen  

Ramsar wetland classification: implications on the conservation and wise use of wetlands in Africa
Tom Kabii 


The consortium for the sustainable development of inland valley agro-ecosystems: a tool for regional cooperation (Inland Valley Consortium)

Lamourdia Thiombiano, Jean-Yves Jamin, Pieter Windmeijer 


ANNEX 1: List of participants

ANNEX 2: Opening addresses

ANNEX 3: Agenda of the consultation

ANNEX 4: Summary of the presentation of the country papers and of the Inland Valley Consortium