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Item No.Food and DescriptionComposition of Foods
100 grams, Edible portion
 1. CEREALS AND GRAIN PRODUCTSMilligramsMilligramsMilligramsMicrogramsMicrogramsMicrogramsMicrogramsMicrogramsMicrograms
1Barley (Hordeum vulgare):         
Whole grain911.72.320.0(255) (66.0) (7.0)
2Buckwheat (Fagopyrum sagittatum F. esculentum):         
Whole grain85        
 Corn and corn products - see Maize         
3Maize; corn (Zea mays):         
Whole-Kernel, aried:         
4Ragi millet; finger millet; coracon-millet (Eleusine coracana):         
Whole grain4301.71.526.6(440)(176)  9.9
5Spiked millet (Pennisetum spp)         
Whole grain110        
6Oats (Avena sativa):         
Whole grain(129).6 1.9(230)  (95)(6.0)
 Rice(Oryza sativa):         
7Brown or hulled52(1.5)1.94.2(360)49(38.8) (2.2)
8Milled, polished14.91.5.9230 (31.8)192.0
 Rice, glutinous (Oryza glutiosa)         
9Milled171.12.2 280    
10Home pounded19.92.3 440    
 Rice products:         
12Polish  1.95.3     
13Rye (Secale cereale):         
Whole grain or meal(140)(2.4)(1.3)11.0)   (150)(7.2)
14Wheat (Triticum aestivum; T. vulgare):         
Whole grain. or meal(173)2.02.511.0210(36)(28.0)531.4
15Wheat products:         
Bread, brown  .46.3     
16Burdock, great; goba(Arctium lappa):         
Root, Raw 34.0       
17Cassava, bitter, common (Manihot esculenta; M. utilissima):         
Root, Raw4  .9     
Matai - see Group 5         
Potato, white (Solanum tubero- sum):         
Tuber, raw - see Group 5         
18Sago (Metroxylon app.):         
Flour18 .211.0100134.0444 
19Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas):         
White, Root, Raw201387.02.021.5260577.1862 
20Taro; dasheen (Colocasia antiquorum; C. esculenta):         
Tuber, Raw33263.0       
21Taro, chinese212 5.224.87931185.447 
22Yam, winged (Dioscorea alata):         
Tuber, Raw20 1.13.0     
 Bengalgram - see Chickpea         
 Burmabean - see Limabean         
 Catjangbean - see Pigeonpea         
23Chickpea; Bengalgram, (Cicer arietinum):         
Whole seeds; dried(108)   (990)    
24Cowpea, all varienties (Vigna spp.):         
Whole seeds; dried53  18.8  1.5  
Dhal - see Lentil         
25Goabean, Indies; asparagus pea; winged bean (Psophocarpus tetra- gonolobus):         
Seeds, dried109        
Golden gram - see Mung bean         
Green gram - see Mung bean         
Haricot bean - see Kidney bean         
26Hyacinth bean; Indian butter bean (Lablab niger; Dolichos lablab):         
Whole seeds, dried87        
Indian bean - see Mung bean         
Indian butter bean - see Hyacinth bean         
27Kidney bean; French bean; navy bean; pinto bean; snap bean; staring bean (Phaseolus vulgaris         
Whole seeds, dried215 4.36.8     
28Lentil, dhal; split pea (Lens culinaris, Ervum lens):         
Whole seeds, dried107 2.217.9(660)  (26)1.9
29Lima bean; butter bean; Burma bean (Phaseolus lunatus; P. limensis):         
Whole seeds, dried184 3.17.8     
30Mung bean; Indian bean; green gram; golden gram (Phaseolus aureus; Vigna radiata):         
Whole seeds, dried    (760)840?   
31Mungo bean; blackgram; urd (Phaseolus mungo; vigna mungo):         
Whole seeds, dried270 1.116.5(880)   2.8
Navy bean - see Kidney bean         
32Peanut; groundnut (Arachis hypogaea):         
Raw185(1.6)1.937.5(420)   6.8
33Peas, garden and field (Pisum sativum):         
Whole seeds, dried145 4.0(3.5)(930)(60).4  
34Pigeonpea; catjang pea (Cajanus cajan;c. indicus):         
Whole seed, dried    (710)    
Pinto bean - see Kidney bean         
35Soybean (Glycine max; G. hispida; G. soya):         
Whole mature seeds, dried.2361.23.819.5(300) 1.51470 
 Soybean products:         
36Curd27 .6   .3 3.3
37Natto  1.55.0(1220)    
38Coconut (Cocos nucifera):         
Mature kernel, raw1601.35.03.9(50)   2.1
39Euryale, Gordon; fox nut (Euryale ferox):         
Seeds, dried14        
Gingelly - see Sesame, Oriental         
40Ginkgo seeds (Ginkgo biloba):         
Whole, dried      1.1  
41Jakfruit; jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus):         
Seeds, raw48 .8.7    3.9
42Karoka nuts (Pandanus spp.):         
43Mustard seeds (Brassica spp.):         
Whole seeds, dried260   (310)   4.0
44Sesame, oriental; gingelly (Sesamum indicum; S. orientale):         
Whole seeds dried; black or White      .8  
45Sunflower (Helianthus annuus):         
Seeds, dried470        
46Amarnath, sp. (Amaranthus mangostanus):         
Leaves and stems, raw: green160   (370)    
47Amarnath, spiny (Amaranthus spinosus):         
Leaves and stems, raw164        
48Amarnath, spineless (Amarnathus virides):         
Leaves and stems, raw52        
49Asparagus (Asparagus officinalia):         
Green19.3  (150)  48(11.1)
50Balsampear: balsam - apple; bitter melon; bitter gourd (Momordica charantia):         
Fruit, raw70 .8     .6
51Bamboo shoots, unspecified (Bambusa spp.; Phyllostachys spp.; and Dendrocalamus spp.):         
Raw88 1.1.3(190)   2.8
52Banana, common (Musa sapientum):         
Buds anu flowers    (145)    
53Basil, sweet (Ocimum basilicum):         
Leaves, raw11        
54Beans, Kidney (Phaseolus vulgaris):         
Beans with pod, immature, raw(26)(.5).015.3(70)  12 
55Beans, snap or string (Phaseolus vulgaris):         
Raw    (130)   1.0
Beans, yardlong - see Cowpea, yeardlong         
Bitter melon; bitter gourd - see Balsampear         
Bottle gourd - see Calabash         
Brinjal - see Eggplant, garden         
56Butterbur, Japanese (Petasites japonicus):         
Leaves, raw      20.0  
57Cabbage (Brassica spp.):         
Leafy type, raw(17) .5 (160)(24)2.261(2.0)
58Calabash; bottle gouru (Lageneria siceraria; L. vulgaris; L. leucantha):         
Fruit, raw14 .7.1     
59Carrot (Daucus carota):         
Raw15(.2).152.0(80) (2.2)697.0
60Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var botrytis):         
Raw22(.2)(.2) (140)31(.6)(12)12.0
61Cedar (Cederala sinensis):         
Shoots, raw45        
62Celery, chinese (Apium graveolens):         
Raw18(.2)(.3) (90)  122.8
63Colza (Brassica juncea var oleifera):         
Shoots, raw        21.0
64Corianuer (Coriandrum sativum):         
Leaves,raw100   (180)    
65Corn, maize (Zea mays):         
Yellow, raw34     .4  
66Cucumber (Cucumis sativus):         
Raw15(.2)(.2) (90) .320.5
67Daylily, lemon (Hemerocallis flavs):         
Flowers, raw49        
68Eggplant, garden; brinjal (Solanum melongena):         
Raw-purple and white varieties18(.2).3.590 6.7 .5
69Fennel, common (Foeniculum vulgare):         
Leaves, raw49        
70Garlic (Allium sativum):         
Bulbs, raw8(1.3).9.9  77.122(94.0)
71Ginger (Zingiber officinale):         
Roots, raw   1.9   33 
72Horseradish (Armoracia lapathifolia):         
Roots, raw28   (140)    
73Horseradish; dish tree; drumstick leaves (Moringa oleifera):         
Leaves, raw33  .9(110)    
74Indian mulberry (Morinda citrifolia):         
Leaves, raw35        
75Leek (Allium porrum):         
Raw18.3.2.1(100)  43 
76Lettuce, garden (Lactuca sativa)         
Leaves, raw18.8.414.0(180) .8  
Lettuce, prickly; chinese lettuce (Lactuca scariola; L. serriola):         
77Leaves, raw9   (60) (64.0)(32) 
78Stem, raw       12 
 Maize - see Corn         
79Matai; waternut; water chestnut (Eleocharis tuberosa; E. dulcis)         
Corms, raw6        
80Mushroom (Agaricus spp.):         
Raw14(.1).3 (1790)(32)13.03118.0
81Mustard green, Indian (Brassica juncea):         
Leaves, raw(27)   (230)    
82Okra; lady's finger (Hibiscus esculentus):         
Raw13(.6).5.6(90)   .5
83Onion, common, garden (Allium cepa):         
Bulbs, mature, raw23 .913.0(80) 1.5120.8
84Papaya (Carica papaya):         
Fruit, unripe, raw56   (101)    
85Parsnip, garden (Pastinaca sativa):         
Raw22  1.2(110)    
86Peas, garden (Pisum sativum):         
Raw(33)(.7) 3.0(240)(74) 874.2
87Pappers, all varieties (Capsicum annum):         
Fruit, green, raw19(.1).3.7(100) .7  
88Potato (Solanum tuberosum):         
Tubers, raw32.2(.03)(6.0)(230)(21).5504.5
89Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo):         
Fruit, raw1016.0.1.2(210)   1.1
90Purslane, common (Portulaca oleracea):         
Leaves and stems, raw87        
91Radish, oriental, Japanese or Chinese; daikon (Raphanus sativus):         
Roots, raw15(.05).2 (150) 3.9 8.0
92Rape, bird (Brassica campestris)         
Leaves, raw61        
 Seaweeds, common varieties:         
93Laminaria sp. dried        228+
94Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Allaria crassifolia):         
Dried        38+
95Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Coccophora langsdorfil):         
Dried        47+
96Seaweed sp (Japan)(Costaria costata):         
Dried        146+
97Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Cystophyllum hakodatense):         
Dried        50+
98Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Fuscs evanescens):         
Dried        12+
99Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Hijika fusiforme):         
Dried        41+
100Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Laminaria japonica):         
Dried      2.0 240+
101Seaweed sp.(Japan)(L. angustata)         
Dried        118+
102Seaweed sp.(Japan)(L. ochotensis)         
Dried        195+
103Seaweed sp.(Japan)(L. religiosa):         
Dried        430+
104Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Pelvetia wrightii):         
Dried        72+
105Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Sargassum confusum):         
Dried        46+
106Seaweed sp.(Japan)(Undaria pinnatifida):         
Dried      1.3 12+
107Soybean (Glycine max):         
Sprouts, raw56        
108Spinach (Spinacia oleracea):         
Leaves and stems, raw42  2.6(160)  (28)650.0
109Squash (Cucurbita sp.):         
Fruit, raw6        
110Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas):         
Leaves and tops, raw75        
111Taro; dasheen (Colocasia spp.):         
Leaf stalk, raw      .2  
112Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum; Lycopersicum esculentum):         
Raw, fresh15(.2).29.0190 (.5)241.7
113Turnip (Brassica rapa):         
Leaves, raw10   (70) (.7)  
114Watercress (Rorippa nasturtium- aquaticum):         
Leaves and stems, raw10   (140)280   
115Apple, common (Malus sylvestris M. pumila; Pyrus malus):         
Fruit, raw3.02.03.490(89).281.6
116Avocado, American (Persea americana; P. gratissima):         
Fruit, raw36.1  316    
117Banana, common varieties (Musa sapientum):         
Fruit, raw41.1.2.6200 .923 
118Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi):         
Fruit, raw   .2     
119Carambola; star-fruit (Averrhoa carambola):         
Fruit, raw   .2     
120Custard apple, bullocks-heart (Anona reticulata):         
Fruit, raw24  .2150    
121Durian, civet (Durio zibethinus):         
Fruit,raw33  .4     
Duku - see Langsat, domestic         
122Grapes (Vitis vinifera):         
Fruit, raw(15)(.1)(.1) (70)  (16).7
123Guava common (Psidium guajava):         
Fruit, raw  2.4.24(20)    
Indian mango - see Mango common         
124Langsat, domestic; duku (Lansium domesticum):         
Fruit, raw   .2     
125Mango, common; Indian mango (Mangifera indica):         
Fruit, raw9.03.1.3(117)    
126Orange, mandarin; tangerine (Citrus reticulata):         
Fruit, raw(10).03.6.356 .422 
127Papaya (Carica papaya):         
Fruit, raw8.01.4.4(14)    
128Passionfruit, giant; granadilla, giant (Passiflora quadrangularis):         
Fruit, raw22  .7(50)    
129Pineapple (Ananas comosus):         
Fruit, raw22.11(.26).16380 .514 
130Pomelo (Citrus grandis):         
Fruit, raw  (.32)1.1   25 
131Watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris):         
Fruit, raw15(.03) .1(70)  111.0
 Bacon - see Pork         
132Beef (Bos taurus; B. indicus): carcass, fresh, medium fat28 2.2 (160)    
Birds nest - see Swiflet         
 Brain, raw:         
133Beef12   200    
134Hog11   300    
135Chicken (Gallus gallus; G. domesticus):         
Raw, young bird29 1.58.4 (14)   
136Cizzard, chicken:         
Raw13.5  (75)    
 Heart, raw:         
137Beef19   (280)    
138Hog(13)   (285)    
 Kidney, raw:         
139Beef(13)(.1)  (323)    
140Hog(17)(.1)  (445)    
 Liver, raw:         
141Beef(13)(.3)  (1500)(300)   
142Chicken(17)(.2)  (300)360   
143Hog(17)(.3)  (510)    
144Mutton; lamb (Ovis aries):         
carcass, fresh, medium fat(27)(.04)2.9.2(160) (17.8)  
145Pork (Sus scrofa):         
carcass, fresh, lean(32) 2.51.1(190) (23.9)  
146Swiflet (Collacalia inexpectata)         
Nest, dried  .15.1     
147Duck egg:         
Whole, raw  .82.6     
 Hen egg:         
148Whole, raw(11) .910.2(55)    
149Yolk, raw(14) 3.722.5(125) (18.3)  
150White, raw(7) .2.425 6.8  
151Abalone; earshell (Haliotis gigantea):         
Edible muscle .052.1.9     
152Amber fish; Yellow tail (Seriola quinqueradiata):         
Raw .04 2.2     
153Ark shell; Chest shell (Arca spp.; Anadara spp.):         
Raw .05    .2  
154Barracuda (Sphyraena argentea; S. pinguis; S. obtusata):         
155Carp (Cyprinus carpio):         
Raw30       (4.0)
156Catfish, sea (Arius spp.):         
157Clam (Meretrix spp.):         
Raw .20 40.9     
158Clam, hen (Mactra spp.):         
Raw .02       
159Clam, short neck (Venerupis semidecussata):         
Raw .03       
160Cod (Cadus spp.):         
Raw21   100 42.7700 
161Corbshell (Corbicula leana):         
Raw 1.0       
162Crab, sea, blue (Neptunus spp.)         
Raw48 1.4.7 (60)   
163Cuttle fish (Sepia spp.):         
Raw  .71.3     
164Dog fish (Squalus spp.):         
Raw20    (110)   
165Eel, river (Anguilla japonica):         
Raw .03       
166Flatfish (Limanda herzensteini):         
Raw24.04    (33.7)  
167Flathead, Indian (Platycephalus indicus):         
Raw .04       
168Flounder sp. (Hippoglossoides elassodon):         
169Flying fish (Cypselurus spp.):         
Raw .01       
170Halibut, arrow toothed (Reinhardtius mateuurae):         
Raw(23)   (70)    
171Herring (Clupea pallasi):         
Raw(32)(.02)  300  16052.0
172Mackeral, horse or jack (Trachurus japonica):         
Raw28.02 4.2     
173Mackeral, Spanish, Kingfish (Scomber spp.):         
Raw35   200  15045.0
174Mullet, harder (Mugil spp.):         
175Octopus (Common), (Polypus vulgaris):         
Raw .01 10.6     
176Oyster (Ostrea spp.):         
177Pollack (Polachius spp.):         
178Prawn, marine; shrimp (Penaeus spp.; Palaemon spp.):         
Raw(42)  3.4  58.8  
179Rock fish (Sebastodes iracundus)         
Raw .01       
180Salmon, silver; king salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.):         
181Sardine, sp.; pilchard (Sardinops melanosticta):         
Raw(41)  2.140 .9 (13.0)
182Saury, Pacific (Cololabis saira)         
Raw .05 12.5     
183Scallop (Pecten yessoensis):         
Raw   37.2     
184Seabass (Lateolabrax japonicus):         
Raw .01 4.6     
185Sea-slug; sea-cucumber (Stichopus japonica):         
Raw .4       
186Shark sp. (Carcharias spp.; Scoliodon spp.):         
Raw .02       
 Shrimp - see Prawn         
187Squid (Loligo spp.; Ommastrephes spp.):         
Raw .02 12.4 (30)   
188Swordfish (Xiphias gladius):         
Raw   .9     
189Tuna, bluefin (Thunnus orientalis; Parathunnus sibi):         
Raw .01       
190Cheese, cottage  .97.9     
191Milk, Cow, fluid, whole16(.003).4.420(3.2)1.2209.9
192Milk, Goat, fluid, whole13   20    
193Milk, Human, fluid, whole2.01.4 14  (25)5.9

+ Expressed in mg.

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