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Thirty-first Session
Rome, 2-13 November 2001

Corrigendum to Programme Implementation Report 1998-99

1. In the box following paragraph 125, the words "25 metric tonnes" should be replaced with "25 million tonnes".1

2. In paragraph 247 the words "UN/Drought Emergency in Southern Africa (DESA)" should be replaced with "UN/Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)" 2

3. The text overleaf should be inserted into the Programme Implementation Report 1998-99 after paragraph 386:3

Programme 3.1.3: Legal Assistance to Member Nations

386.a The Programme, which is delivered by the Development Law Service of the Legal Office, provides extensive advice and support to developing countries on legislation for agriculture and rural development. Advisory assistance was provided on new issues in fisheries law arising from recent international agreements, with projects in Malaysia and Namibia, and on the complex problems of pastoralism in Mali and Burkina Faso. Assistance was also provided on forestry legislation, plant protection, water and land tenure. The legislative database continued to expand with approximately 5,000 full texts being put on line during the biennium, in addition to 6,500 abstracts.

Table 3.1-1: Legal Assistance to Member Nations (Selected Performance Indicators)




Field missions by staff and consultants (person months)



Project delivery (US$'000)

Projects operated by LEG

2 300

1 800

Projects with LEG as lead technical unit

1 900

1 500


Abstracts of legislation

6 500

6 500

Publications (pages)

1 500

1 912

Full texts scanned


5 000

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