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Discussion Paper on Proposed Draft Guidelines for Evaluating Objectionable Matter in Food (Agenda Item 13)[16]

146. The Delegation of the United States introduced document CX/FH 00/13 and indicated that there was a need for these guidelines since the “Recommended International Code of Practice: General Principles for Food Hygiene” did not provide sufficient guidance on this subject. The Delegation noted that the focus of the guidelines should be exclusively on issues of food safety and wholesomeness of foods. Some delegations questioned whether the use of HACCP could suffice for the purposes proposed for the Guidelines. It was suggested that the relationship to hygiene and food safety (including allergens) be more clearly defined.

147. While recognizing the potential value of having guidelines in this field, the Committee concluded that the discussion paper needed to be redrafted to provide more focus, clarity and justification for the Guidelines. The Committee requested the United States to redraft the discussion paper for consideration by the Committee at its next session.

[16] CX/FH 00/13; CRD 12 (comments of the European Community).

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