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Priorities for the Revision of Codes of Hygienic Practice (Agenda Item 14)[17]

148. The Committee recalled that the last session requested the Delegation of Australia to prepare a document on the priorities which would identify 1) which codes were superseded and 2) which codes could be combined. The Delegation of Australia introduced the document CX/FH 00/14, which was prepared with assistance of its drafting partners.

149. The Committee agreed that some codes of practice could be combined and revised on a commodity basis as shown in the Attachment 1 of the paper.

150. Regarding the priority for the revision, while some delegations expressed their view on assigning higher priority to some codes that appeared on the priority list, the Committee generally recognized the necessity of revision on Code for Egg and Egg Products and the Code for Foods for Infant and Children. The Committee agreed to start the revision of the Code for Egg and Egg Products pending the approval of the Commission. It was noted that the microbiological risk assessment on Salmonella in eggs and poultry to be finalized by FAO and WHO would be useful for the revision of this Code.

151. The Committee agreed that Australia, with the assistance of the United States and ALA, prepare the revision of the Code for Egg and Egg Products. The Committee supported the elaboration of Code of Practice for poultry.

[17] CX/FH 00/14.

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