Agricultural Investment and
Productivity in Developing Countries

Edited by
Lydia Zepeda
Department of Consumer Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison
United States



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Table of Contents



1. Agricultural Investment, Production Capacity and Productivity
by Lydia Zepeda

2. An International Analysis of Agricultural Productivity
by Jean-Paul Chavas

3. Agricultural Productivity and Natural Resource Depletion
by Donna J.Lee and Lydia Zepeda

4. Agricultural Productivity for Sustainable Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
by Keith D.Wiebe, Meredith J.Soule and David E.Schimmelpfennig

5. Agricultural Productivity for Sustainable Food Security in Asia and the Pacific: the Role of Investment
by Hui-Shung Chang and Lydia Zepeda

 6. Agricultural Production in Peru  (1950-1995): Sources of Growth
by Jackeline Velazco

7. Agricultural Policy, Investment and Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparison of Commercial and Smallholder Sectors in Zimbabwe and South Africa
by Keith D.Wiebe, David E.Schimmelpfennig and Meredith J.Soule

8. Determinants of Agricultural Investment by Small-Scale Producers in Peru
by Jackeline Velazco and Lydia Zepeda

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The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of current thinking and findings about the relationship between agricultural investment and productivity in developing countries. This includes theoretical and methodological developments such as incorporating natural resource depletion in calculating measures of growth. It also underlines, through the concerns expressed by many authors about data scarcity and limitations, that neglect of information needs hampers the forward-looking assessment of sustainability of agricultural and rural development. The book also reviews findings about the linkages of investment and productivity in the context of other important factors such as land policy, debt, civil unrest and structural adjustment programmes. This places agricultural investment solidly as a crucial but integral component of an overall policy to promote agricultural productivity.