FC 96/1-Supp.1

Finance Committee

Ninety-sixth Session

Rome, 7 - 12 May 2001

Provisional Agenda


Please add under item 16 (UN Joint Inspection Unit Reports), after document CL 120/INF/12, the following item:

Item 16 Young Professionals in Selected Organizations of the United Nations System: Recruitment, Management and Retention (JIU/REP/2000/7) - (doc. CL 120/INF/13)

Please also add under item 22 (Any Other Matters) the following two World Food Programme items:

Item 22(a) Report of the Executive Director on the Utilization of Contributions and Waivers of Costs (General Rules XII.4 and XIII.4(g)) (doc. FC 96/22(a))
Item 22(b) Cash Management Report to the Executive Board (doc. FC 96/22(b))