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Annex A: Seminar Programme

A joint FAO/CFC seminar

Wednesday 13 December
9.30 to 12.30; 14.30 to 17.30

1. Opening:

Mr Sietse van der Werff, First Project Manager, Common Fund for Commodities
Ms Paola Fortucci, Director, Commodities and Trade Division, FAO

2. Introductory overview of the sisal sector, its problems, constraints and promises.

Mr Salum Shamte, Managing Director, Katani Ltd, Tanzania.

3. Specific potential markets for sisal and henequen:

Mr Gordon Mackie, International textile consultant, N. Ireland

Mr Vivian Landon, formerly of Wigglesworth, UK..

Mr Rod Smith, Elwood Consultants, UK.

Mr R Hurter, HurterConsult, Canada.

Mr Rik Brouwer, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

In addition, a paper on Green Fibres and their Potential in Diversified Applications by Dr Ryszard Kozlowski of the Institute of Natural Fibres, Poland, will be tabled.

Additional papers are offered by:

4. Panel of experts: discussion

5. Conclusion

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