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AI = Artificial insemination
Bt = Bacillus thuringiensis
CBD = Convention on Biological Diversity
CGIAR = Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CGRFA = Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
COAG = FAO’s Committee on Agriculture
ET = Embryo transfer
FAO = Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
G x E = Genotype by environment
GM = Genetically modified
GMOs = Genetically modified organisms
IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency
IARC = International Agricultural Research Centre
IDWGB = The FAO Inter-Departmental Working Group on Biotechnology
IPM = Integrated pest management
IPR = Intellectual property rights
IVM/IVF = In vitro maturation/in vitro fertilization
LAC = Latin America and the Caribbean
MAS = Marker-assisted selection
MNCs = Multi-national corporations
MOET = Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer
NGOs = Non-governmental organizations
OECD = Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
QTLs = Quantitative trait loci
PVP = Plant variety protection
SDRR = FAO’s Research and Technology Development Service
The TRIPS Agreement = WTO’s agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights UNDP = United Nations Development Programme
UPOV = International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants
VAD = Vitamin A deficiency
WIPO = World Intellectual Property Organization
WTO = World Trade Organization

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