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This Symposium was made possible by the generosity of the Government of the Netherlands through the FAO-Netherlands Partnership Programme. Overall inspiration and leadership were provided by Hartwig de Haen, Assistant Director-General, FAO Economic and Social Department, Jacques Vercueil, former Director, FAO Agriculture and Economic Development Analysis Division, Loganaden Naiken, former Chief, FAO Statistical Analysis Service and William H. Meyers, former Director, FAO Agriculture and Economic Development Analysis Division. Valuable contributions for the organization of the Symposium were provided by the following FAO staff: Terri Ballard, Sumiter Broca, Barbara Burlingame, Dorjee Kinlay, Jorge Mernies, Harriet Neuling, Terri Raney, Ricardo Sibrian and David Wilcock.

FAO extends special thanks to the Scientific Advisory Committee members: Marie-Claude Dop, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France (currently FAO); Jean-Pierre Habicht, Cornell University, USA; Siddiqur Osmani, University of Ulster, UK; Jean Pennington, National Institute of Health, USA; Kathy Radimer, National Center for Health Statistics, USA; Soekirman, Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia; Walter Willett, Harvard University, USA; and Pattanee Winichagoon, Mahidol University, Thailand.

In addition, the contributions of the local organizing committee, all session chairpersons and rapporteurs, all speakers and everyone who participated in the discussions and parallel sessions are gratefully acknowledged. This was a symposium where all participants were a vital part of the outcome.

Technical assistance for the publication of these proceedings was provided by Terri Ballard for overall coordination of the publication of these proceedings, Harriet Neuling and Omar Bolbol for cover design, Paul Sensecall for editing, Daniela Scicchigno for desktop publishing and layout design, and Jenny Riches and Chiara Deligia for logistical support.

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