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The authors are obliged to C.A. Madramootoo (Professor and Director, Brace Centre for Water Resources Management, McGill University, Canada), Dr J.W. van Hoorn (retired from Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands), Dr J. Williamson (Acting Chief, CSIRO Land and Water, Australia) and Dr E. Christen (Irrigation and Drainage Research Engineer, CSIRO Land and Water, Australia) for their critical and constructive comments. Their contributions have improved the quality of this publication substantially.

The authors would also like to express their gratitude for the support and continuous feedback provided by Dr J. Martínez Beltrán, Technical Officer, Water Resources, Development and Management Service, FAO, during the preparation of this Irrigation and Drainage Paper. Dr Martínez Beltrán conceived this publication and made a major contribution towards the outline.

Sincere thanks are offered to the following authors and institutions for direct reproduction of materials in the annexes: Dr E. Maas and Dr S. Grattan for the crop salt tolerance data; the Sustainable Rural Development Program of the Department of Agriculture (former Agriculture Western Australia) for the salinity rating and species of salt tolerant trees and shrubs; the Task Force on Water Quality Guidelines and P.Q. Guyer for the water quality guidelines for livestock and poultry; Alterra for the data set for soil hydraulic properties; and the WHO for the drinking-water quality guidelines.

In addition, the generous contributions from our colleagues, U. Barg, Fishery Resources Officer (Aquaculture), Fisheries Department, FAO, and S. Smits, M.Sc. student at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and volunteer in the Water Resources, Development and Management Service, FAO, are acknowledged.

For the case study on California, the author acknowledges his colleagues Dr M. Alemi and Professor J. Letey and Professor W. Wallender. For the case study on Egypt, the author is grateful for the information and materials provided by Dr S.A. Gawad and her staff of the Drainage Research Institute, Egypt.

Thanks are also expressed to J. Plummer for editing the document, W. Prante for preparing the CD-ROM and L. Chalk for formatting text, figures and tables into the final camera-ready form.

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