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The work on the guide was carried out by an IDF/FAO Task Force on Good Dairy Farming Practices between November 2001 and November 2003 comprising the following expert members:

Terrig G. Morgan (GB) - Chair, Rudolf Schmidt (DE) - Deputy Chair, Jean-Marc Bêche (FR), Réjean Bouchard (CA), Robert D. Byrne (US), Luc de Vreese (BE), Helen Dornom (AU), Rudolphus Engelman (CH), Bengt Everitt (SE), Paul Machira Gichohi (KE), Daniel Gidon (CH), Richard Harbord (GB), Claus Heggum (DK), Phillip Hudson (GB), Laust Jepsen (DK), François Leblanc (FR), Yaohua Lu (CN), Alfonso Moncada Jiménez (MX), Kevin O’Farrell (IE), Tony Pettit (IE), Pamela Ruegg (US), A.K. Schaap (NL), Deo Kumar Singh (IN), Andrew Speedy (FAO), Anstasios Tsiaras (GR), Gwyneth Verkerk (NZ), Jose Luis Villicaña (MX), Elisabeth Vindel (FR), Josef Weber (AT), Iakovos Zarouras (GR)

Special thanks must be given to Pamela Ruegg who devised the original guiding principles chart, and Helen Dornom assisted by Réjean Bouchard for compiling the information into a coherent document. Thanks also go to Pierre Doyle of IDF Canada for ensuring the translation of the document from English to French and Pedro Valentin-Gamazo of IDF Spain for taking charge of the translation to Spanish. Furthermore, the FAO Animal Production and Health Division is thanked for ensuring translation into Chinese and Arabic and undertaking the publication of the guide in all official working languages of FAO.

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