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The Rattan Glossary

The successful completion of this glossary is due in no small measure to the cooperation and assistance of a number of individuals and their respective institutions. Paul Vantomme and Wulf Killmann of FAO generously provided guidance and direction to the overall project. Others who willingly furnished me with advice and information on various aspects of the rattan information contained herein include: Raja Barizan, Brian Belcher, Tom Evans, Fu Jinha, Domingo Madulid, Johanis Mogea and Terry Sunderland. I am indebted to John Dransfield, Walter Liese and N. Manokaran, each of whom reviewed the manuscript and made valuable suggestions for improvement. My sincere thanks to each of those named. I accept responsibility for any remaining errors in this document.

Dennis V. Johnson

The Compendium Glossary on Rattan Terms in Africa

Particular thanks are extended to Stella Asaha and Michael Balinga for their comments and additions to an earlier draft of this document.

Terry C.H. Sunderland

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