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Appendix III



Utilization notes

Calamus acanthospathus Griff.

Canes for bridge cables, basketry

C. andamanicus Kurz

Excellent large-diameter canes harvested for furniture industry; leaves for thatching

C. aruensis Becc.

Excellent quality medium- to large-diameter canes for furniture

C. arugda Becc.

Entire canes for handicrafts, furniture, basketry, etc., local and export markets

C. axillaris Becc.

Small-diameter canes for basketry, fish traps and tying

C. bacularis Becc.

Canes for walking-sticks

C. bicolor Becc.

Ornamental use of young plants

C. blumei Becc.

Canes of good quality but quantities insufficient for commercial use; canes for baskets and mats

C. boniensis Becc. ex Heyne

Probably sold together with other small-diameter canes

C. burckianus Becc.

Canes for broom handles

C. caesius Bl.

Canes for commercial and traditional uses

C. castaneus Becc.

Leaves for thatch; immature fruits in traditional medicine

C. ciliaris Bl.

Slender canes for weaving and binding; seedlings used as ornamentals

C. conirostris Becc.

Canes of poor quality, rarely used; fruit eaten

C. convallium J. Dransf.


C. cumingianus Becc.

Entire canes made into handicrafts, furniture and baskets

C. deŽrratus G. Mann & H. Wendl.

Canes for construction and weaving

C. densiflorus Becc.

Canes for making furniture and baskets

C. didymocarpus Warb. ex Becc.

Canes inferior but used for local furniture-making

C. diepenhorstii Miq.

Canes for tying, cordage, basketry, fish traps and noose traps

C. dimorphacanthus Becc.var. dimorphacanthus

Canes used for baskets, bags, tying, etc. for home industries

C. discolor Becc.

Young plants as ornamentals; canes for binding or tying

C. egregius Burr.

Excellent small- to medium-diameter canes for binding and weaving in furniture; new shoots edible

C. elmerianus Becc.

Canes for furniture, handicrafts and home industries

C. erioacanthus Becc.

Canes of good quality

C. exilis Griff.

Canes for binding, weaving, basketry, handicrafts

C. flabellatus Becc.

Canes for tying, binding and weaving

C. gamblei Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. gibbsianus Becc.

Canes for tying and weaving

C. gonospermus Becc.

Edible fruit

C. gracilis Roxb..

Canes for handicrafts

C. grandifolius Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. guruba (Buch-Ham) ex Mart.

Canes for basketry, chair seats

C. halconensis (Becc.) Baja-Lapis var. dimorphacanthus Becc.

Canes for chair frames, cables for ferry boats, hauling logs and as rigging on small sailboats; split canes for mats, basketry, fish traps, chair seats

C. heteroideus Bl.

Canes for cordage

C. hispidulus Becc.

Canes for weaving

C. hookerianus Becc.

Canes for furniture, basketry

C. huegelianus Mart.

Canes for basketry, chair frames, etc

C. inermis T. Anders.

Canes for police sticks, chair frames

C. inops Becc. ex Heyne

Actual use of small- to medium-diameter canes not known

C. insignis Becc.

Split canes for basketry, cordage; spiny leaf-sheaths as food graters

C. javensis Bl.

Canes for cordage, basketry, noose traps, musical instruments; edible raw cabbage as medicine; spiny leaf-sheaths formerly used to make food graters

C. koordersianus Becc.

Canes locally for basket frames

C. laevigatus Mart.

Extensively collected as small-diameter cane, end-uses not documented

C. latifolius Roxb.

Canes for basketry, walking-sticks, furniture frames; split canes for chair seats

C. leiocaulis Becc. ex Heyne

Small-diameter canes extensively used to make furniture for local and export markets

C. leptospadix Griff.

Canes for basketry and chair seats

C. leptostachys Becc. ex Heyne

Excellent small-diameter canes for furniture and handicrafts for local and export markets

C. longisetus Griff.

Coarse cane for furniture; leaves for thatch; edible fruit

C. longispathus Ridl.

Young leaves occasionally as cigarette paper; fruits as medicine

C. luridus Becc.

Canes split for tying and binding

C. manan Miq.

Most desirable large-diameter canes for furniture

C. manillensis (Mart.) H. Wendl.

Edible fruit; canes of inferior quality for tying

C. marginatus (Bl.) Mart.

Poor quality but durable canes for basket frames and walking-sticks

C. mattanensis Becc.

Canes occasionally used to make coarse baskets

C. megaphyllus Becc.

Canes for basketry and tying

C. melanorhynchus Becc.

Canes for basketry and handicrafts

C. merrillii Becc.

Entire canes for chair frames, ferry boat cables, hauling logs, sailboat rigging; split canes for basketry, chairs, fish traps, etc

C. microcarpus Becc.

Canes for basketry

C. microsphaerion Becc.

Entire canes for basketry

C. minahassae Becc.

Canes as cordage

C. mindorensis Becc.

Popular large-diameter canes for furniture; split canes for basketry, cordage

C. mitis Becc.

Canes for basketry and tying

C. moseleyanus Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. multinervis Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. muricatus Becc.

Cabbage eaten

C. myriacanthus Becc.

Canes for walking-sticks, cages, basket frames

C. nagbettai Fernandez & Dey

Canes for basketry

C. nambariensis Becc.

Canes for handicrafts

C. optimus Becc.

Canes used to make mats, for weaving, to bind furniture and cordage

C. ornatus Bl.

Major use of canes for furniture; also for walking-sticks, handles for implements and flooring; leaves, cabbage and roots as medicine; fruits occasionally eaten

C. ovoideus Thwaites ex Trimen

Split canes for basketry; entire canes for furniture frames; split cane cores for crude woven products

C. oxleyanus Teysm. & Binnend. ex Miq.

Canes for walking-sticks

C. palustris Griff.

Canes excellent for furniture frames

C. pandanosmus Furt.


C. paspalanthus Becc.

Seedlings as potential ornamental; ripe fruit pickled and young shoot eaten

C. pedicellatus Becc. ex Heyne

Canes apparently of good quality for furniture

C. perakensis Becc.

Canes occasionally used for walking-sticks

C. peregrinus Furt.

Robust canes of good quality for furniture

C. pilosellus Becc.

Canes of good appearance but probably only for local use

C. pogonacanthus Becc. ex H. Winkler

Canes of good quality for tying, binding and making coarse mats

C. poilanei Conrad

Canes for handicrafts

C. polystachys Becc.

Coarse canes used for broom handles

C. pseudorivalis Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. pseudotenuis Becc.

Canes for basketry

C. pseudoulur Becc.

Canes for basketry, etc.

C. ramulosus Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. reyesianus Becc.

Canes of small diameter use for furniture and basketry, local and international

C. rhomboideus Bl.

Canes possibly used to make baskets and mats

C. rhytidomus Becc.

Canes used locally for binding

C. rotang Linn.

Canes for basketry, chair seats

C. rudentum Lour.

Canes for handicrafts; edible fruit

C. ruvidus Becc.

Canes used for basketry and tying

C. scabridulus Becc.

Canes split for tying, thatching and cordage

C. scipionum Lour.

Canes for making moderate-quality furniture; walking-sticks, umbrella handles, etc.

C. sedens J. Dransf.

Canes sometimes used to make walking-sticks

C. semoi Becc.

Excellent quality cane; under cultivation in gardens

C. simplex Becc.

Canes for basketry

C. simplicifolius Wei

Good medium-diameter cane for furniture, binding, weaving, basketry, etc; new shoots edible

C. siphonospathus Mart.

Canes for basketry and tying

C. solitarius T. Evans et al.

Canes for handicrafts

C. spinifolius Becc.

Canes for basketry and tying

C. subinermis H. Wendl.ex Becc.

Canes for furniture frames; cabbage cooked as a vegetable; fruit sometimes eaten

C. symphysipus Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. tenuis Roxb.

Canes for basketry; fruits and young shoots eaten

C. tetradactylus Hance

Small-diameter canes for handicrafts, basketry and furniture

C. thwaitesii Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. tomentosus Becc.

Canes for tying and binding

C. trachycoleus Becc.

Canes used as skin peels for weaving chair seats and back; unsplit for furniture; basketry, mats, fish traps, cordage

C. travancoricus Bedd. ex Becc. & Hook

Canes for handicrafts and furniture

C. trispermus Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. tumidus Furt.

Canes for furniture

C. ulur Becc.

Split canes for cordage

C. unifarius H. Wendl.

Canes locally for furniture

C. usitatus Becc.

Canes for basketry, furniture and handicrafts

C. vidalianus Becc.

Canes for furniture

C. viminalis Willd.

Canes locally for basketry and matting

C. wailong S.J. Pei & S.Y. Chen

Canes for weaving and furniture

C. warburgii K. Schum.

Canes locally for basket frames

C. zollingeri Becc.

Canes for furniture frames

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