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The Livestock Report 2006 was prepared by the Animal Production and Health Division of FAO.

The Editorial team consisted of Anni McLeod (Editor), Jay Crook (Editorial Assistant), Nicoletta Forlano (Art Director), Claudia Ciarlantini (Designer).

Papers were reviewed and technical advice provided by the following FAO staff: Henning Steinfeld (AGAL), Joachim Otte (AGAL), Simon Mack (AGAP), Bob Pym (AGAP visiting expert), Keith Sumption (AGAH), Vincent Martin (AGAH), Barbara Rischowsky (AGAP), Nancy Morgan (ESCB), Ricardo Cardellino (AGAP), Olaf Thieme (AGAP) and Moisés Vargas-Teran (RLC)

FAO extends thanks to the following people who reviewed papers and provided data and ideas: Martin Upton (University of Reading, UK), Liz Redmond (DARDNI, Northern Ireland), Sipke Hiemstra (Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands), Morton Tvedt (Fritjof Nansen Institute, Norway), Ana Riviere-Cinnamond, Magdalena Banaszak (OIE, France), Nick Taylor (University of Reading, UK), Pascal Bonnet (CIRAD, France), Alexandra Shaw (APMS Consultants, UK), Claire Heffernan (University of Reading, UK), Emily Twinamasiko (NARO, Uganda), Jeffery Mariner (Tufts University, USA), Roger Windsor (SB Co, Scotland).

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