FAO Aquaculture Newsletter No. 35

FAO Aquaculture Newsletter No. 35

Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Service
Fisheries Department


Rome, 2006

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FAN 35  (Download pdf 56 kb)

Editorial  (Download pdf 84 kb)

Contents  (Download pdf 536 kb)

The Committee on Fisheries Sub-Committee
on Aquaculture
  (Download pdf 370 kb)

Is Aquaculture at its Turning Point?  (Download pdf 361 kb)

Aquaculture Stock Insurance:
A Short Summary of the Current Status
 (Download pdf 152 kb)

Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for
Responsible Aquatic Resource Management
  (Download pdf 473 kb)

Application of Risk Analysis in Aquaculture   (Download pdf 601 kb)

FAO Fisheries Library: Part of a Worlwide Network   (Download pdf 385 kb)

FAO Glossary of Aquaculture   (Download pdf 585 kb)

Highlights from the FAO Database on Aquaculture Statistics  (Download pdf 361 kb)

The FAO Aquaculture Gateway Page (Download pdf 289 kb)

Workshops on Managing Aquatic Genetic Resources
in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  (Download pdf 327 kb)

Expert Workshop on Comparative Environmental Costs
of Aquaculture and Other Food Production Systems
  (Download pdf 702 kb)

Microfinance and Inland Capture Fisheries in ASIA   (Download pdf 308 kb)

International Symposium on the MAHSEER 2006   (Download pdf 326 kb)

FAO Expert Workshop on the Use of Feed and Fertilizer
for Sustainable Aquaculture Development
  (Download pdf 311 kb)

SAMOA receives Giant Clam Broodstock from TONGA  (Download pdf 666 kb)

TCP/RAS/3101 (A): Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Pacific Micronesia  (Download pdf 641 kb)

Contributing to Sustainable Aquaculture in Latin America
through Technical Cooperation Projects (TCPS) in Brazil and Chile
 (Download pdf 336 kb)

Introduction of Aquaculture and other Integrated Production
Management Practices to Rice Farmers in Guyana and Suriname
 (Download pdf 385 kb)

FAO GFCM Meeting Highlights Growing Profile of
Mediterranean Aquaculture
 (Download pdf 686 kb)

New FAO Publications  (Download pdf 464 kb)