Methodological Workshop on the
Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity

Stock status, data envelopment analysis,
industry surveys and management options

8–12 May 2006
La Jolla, California,
United States of America

Edited by

W.H. Bayliff
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
La Jolla, California, United States of America


J. Majkowski
Fisheries Management and Conservation Service
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Division
FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
Rome, Italy

Rome, 2007

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Table of Contents

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Bayliff, W.H.; Majkowski, J. (eds).
Methodological Workshop on the Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity: Stock Status, Data Envelopment Analysis, Industry Surveys and Management Options. La Jolla, California, United States of America, 8–12 May 2006.
FAO Fisheries Proceedings. No. 8. Rome, FAO. 2007. 218p.


These Proceedings include the report and papers presented at the Methodological Workshop on the Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity: Stock Status, Data Envelopment Analysis, Industry Surveys and Management Options. The Workshop was hosted by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) in La Jolla, California, United States of America, from 8 to12 May 2006 as an activity of FAO’s Japan-funded Project on the “Management of tuna fishing capacity: conservation and socio-economics”. The Workshop was organized by the Project in collaboration with and with financial and in-kind support of: (i) most tuna agencies and programmes; (ii) other international and national fisheries institutions involved in tuna fishing, fisheries research and management (including those of tuna fishing industry); and (iii) some universities.
The objectives of the Workshop were:
1) to develop a method for the estimation of tuna fishing capacity from stock assessment-related information;
2) to determine the feasibility of: (i) routinely collecting input data for the so-called data envelopment analysis (DEA); and (ii) performing industry surveys of tuna fishing capacity utilization;
3) to relate DEA estimates of fishing capacity utilization to traditional estimates of fishing capacity;
4) to review the factors affecting fishing capacity (like the number of vessels and their physical characteristics) that could be regulated by fisheries authorities;
5) to review the existing measures for managing tuna fishing capacity and possibly, to identify additional options for such measures in the context of the outcome of addressing the above-mentioned objectives;
6) to prepare a satement of participants of the Workshop; and
7) to formulate recommendations of the Workshop to the FAO Project on the Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity, FAO and the other institutions participating in the Workshop.
The papers presented in these Proceedings include those associated with objectives 1 to 5. The report documents presentations made at and the discussions carried out during the Workshop, their conclusions and the recommendations. The Statement prepared by the Workshop (see Objective 6) is enclosed in the report. That Statement was presented at the Meeting of Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, which was held in Kobe, Japan from 22 to 26 January 2007.

©FAO 2007


Preparation of this document  (Download pdf 870 kb)

REPORT OF THE WORKSHOP:  (Download pdf 170 kb)

1.  Opening
2.  Introduction of participants
3.  Adoption of the provisional agenda
4.  Logistic arrangements for the Workshop
5.  Statement from and report of the Workshop: content and logistic
     arrangements for their preparation
6.  Overview of the project and its implementation
7.  Development of quantitative methods to determine the desired
     change to fishing capacity on the basis of the status of stocks
8.  Feasibility of (1) routinely collecting input data for data
     envelopment analyses (DEAs) and (2) performing industry surveys of
     fishing capacity utilization
9.  Review of factors affecting fishing capacity that could be regulated
     by fisheries authorities
10. Review of existing measures for managing tuna fishing capacity and
      possible identification of additional options for such measures in the
      context of the outcome of addressing agenda items 7 to 9
11. Statement from the Workshop: discussion of content
12. Future research related to the management of tuna fishing capacity:
      formulation of a proposal (combined with agenda item 13)
13. Overall discussion and recommendations (combined with agenda item 12)
14. Statement from the Workshop: review of its first draft
15. Other matters
16. Adoption of the statement from and report of the Workshop provisional list of papers
17. Adjournment

APPENDIX I  – Programme
APPENDIX II – List of participants
APPENDIX III – Provisional agenda
APPENDIX IV– List of papers
APPENDIX V – Glossary of terms
APPENDIX VI – Statement from the Workshop


Overview of the FAO Project on the Management of  (Download pdf 99 kb)
Tuna Fishing Capacity and its implementation
Jacek Majkowski

Estimated target fleet capacity for the tuna fleet in the  (Download pdf 211 kb)
eastern Pacific Ocean, based on stock assessments of target species
Pablo Arenas

Estimates of large-scale purse-seine, baitboat and  (Download pdf 597 kb)
longline fishing capacity in the Atlantic Ocean: an analysis based on a
stock assessment of bigeye tuna

Victor R. Restrepo

Case study of the impact of recent management  (Download pdf 403 kb)
measures on overall fishing capacity and fishing effort of the United
States North Atlantic Ocean longline fleet

Gerald P. Scott and Guillermo Diaz

Estimates of large-scale purse-seine and longline  (Download pdf 450 kb)
fishing capacity in the western and centralPacific Ocean based on stock
assessmentsof target species

John Hampton

Measuring fishing capacity in tuna fisheries: Data  (Download pdf 149 kb)
Envelopment Analysis, industry surveys and data collection
Chris Reid and Dale Squires

Assessing capacity in the United States Northwest   (Download pdf 169 kb)
Atlantic pelagic longline fishery for highly migratory species
with undesirable outputs

Tara Scott, James E. Kirkley, Ronald Rinaldo and Dale Squires

Factors affecting recent developments in tuna longline  (Download pdf 356 kb)
fishing capacity and possible options for management of
longline capacity

Makoto Peter Miyake

Tuna fishing capacity: perspective of the purse-seine fishing  (Download pdf 279 kb)
industry on factors affecting it and its management
Julio Morón

Productivity growth in natural resource industries and the  (Download pdf 205 kb)
environment: an application to the Korean tuna purse-seine
fleet in the Pacific Ocean

Dale Squires, Chris Reid and Yongil Jeon (corresponding author)

Relating estimates of fishing capacity obtained from Data  (Download pdf 372 kb)
Envelopment Analysis to traditional measures of fishing capacity
Dale Squires, James Kirkley, James Joseph, Theodore Groves and Chris Reid

Requirements and alternatives for the limitation of fishing  (Download pdf 221 kb)
capacity in tuna purse-seine fleets
James Joseph, Dale Squires, William Bayliff and Theodore Groves

Buybacks in fisheries  (Download pdf 536 kb)
Dale Squires, James Joseph and Theodore Groves

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