FAO Aquaculture Newsletter No. 38, November 2007

FAO Aquaculture Newsletter No. 38

Special Issue dedicated to the
High Level Special Event on Aquaculture

Rome, November 2007

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Editorial  (Download pdf 290 kb)

Aquaculture: status and prospects  (Download pdf 166 kb)
Rohana P. Subasinghe

Contemporary and future issues for the Asian aquaculture  (Download pdf 137 kb)
sector in a changing world
David Lymer, Simon Funge-Smith, Jesper Clausen and Niklas Mattson

Aquaculture production and opportunities for development  (Download pdf 128 kb)
in Central Asia
Raymon van Anrooy

Aquaculture development in Latin America and the Caribbean:  (Download pdf 246 kb)
challenges and opportunities
Doris Soto and Jose Aguilar-Manjarrez
       TCP/BRA/3001 - UTF/MEX/067

Aquaculture and sustainability in the Africa region:  (Download pdf 114 kb)
investment is the key to sustainability
J Moehl

Trade and safety in aquaculture products  (Download pdf 244 kb)
Audun Lem and Iddya Karunasagar
       GCP/INT/936/JPN - TCP/LAT/3001 (A)

Planning and policy development in aquaculture  (Download pdf 224 kb)
Cecile Brugere and Nathanael Hishamund
Socio-economic impacts of aquaculture

Highlights from the FAO database on aquaculture statistics  (Download pdf 1,027 kb)
Alan Lowther

Aquaculture Networking
          Why and how does a NACA work?  (Download pdf 294 kb)
          Pedro Bueno
          GCP/GLO/012/EC- UTF/MEX/071
          Network of Aquaculture Centres in Central and  (Download pdf 124 kb)
          Eastern Europe NACEE
          Uwe Barg
          Aquaculture Networking in the Americas REDLAC/ANA  (Download pdf 141 kb)
          Jose Aguilar-Manjarrez and Doris Soto
          ANAF: the beginnings of an aquaculture network for Africa  (Download pdf 171 kb)
          John Moehl, Matthias Halwart and Boniface Mulonda Kalende
          TCP/RAF/3111 - TCP/CMR/3101 (D) - TCP/MAU/3101 (D)

Aquaculture information for sector development, networking  (Download pdf 263 kb)
and decision-making
Valerio Crespi and Jose Aguilar-Manjarrez
       GCP/HAI/017/OPEC - TCP/URU/3101

Aquaculture certification: a challenge for the small farmer?  (Download pdf 202 kb)
Rohana P. Subasinghe and Michael J. Phillips
       TCP/BGD/3101 (D)- TCP/CHI/3002

RECOFI Working Group on Aquaculture  (Download pdf 139 kb)

Field programme in aquaculture  (Download pdf 846 kb)

EUS in Zambezi River: what can we do?   (Download pdf 129 kb)
Seed resources for sustainable aquaculture

Feeds for aquaculture  (Download pdf 183 kb)

Ecosystem approach to aquaculture  (Download pdf 137 kb)
       GCP/INT/936/JPN - UTF/BRA/066/BRA

Biosecurity and health maintenance in aquatic production  (Download pdf 138 kb)

Risk analysis in aquaculture production  (Download pdf 148 kb)
       TCP/BiH/3101 (A) - NOR/06/2a (MTF/GLO/125/MUL)

13th Session of the Convention on Biological Diversitys SBSTTA  (Download pdf 177 kb)
Organic aquaculture

Aquatic genetic resources to the part of FAO Commissions  (Download pdf 140 kb)
programme of work

Aquaculture and aquaculture-related publications  (Download pdf 207 kb)

Upcoming Publications  (Download pdf 264 kb)

Back Cover  (Download pdf 85 kb)