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This regional study presents an overview of the socio-economic importance of the use of non-wood forest products (NWFP) in 15 countries of Tropical Asia. The document consists of two main parts: (1) presentation of background information on the programme activities and methodology and an analysis of the available information at the regional level; and (2) presentation of data on NWFP at the national level (so-called "country profiles").

Most of the data presented in this report are indicative figures, which have been collected in published and unpublished reports, and therefore do not represent official statistics. The results presented show that qualitative and quantitative information on NWFP at the national level continues to be weak. It is hoped that this report will support the ongoing process of data improvement on NWFP. Improved data are considered to be essential to ensure that the use and importance of NWFP are taken adequately into consideration by decision-makers, land-use planners, politicians or other concerned experts.

Additional information and comments from readers to improve data on NWFP in Asian countries would be appreciated very much. Information and comments can be sent to:

Non-Wood Forest Products Programme

Forest Products Division, Forestry Department, FAO

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy


Tel: +39-06-570-52746 or 53853; Fax: + 39-0657055618


This report includes data provided by: M.P. Shiva (Bangladesh, India); D.B. Dhital (Bhutan); Ly Chou Beang (Cambodia); Jiang Chunqian (China); Nurcahyo Adi, Subarudi, Bambang Wiyono and Doddy S. Sukadri (Indonesia); Khamphay Manivong (Lao PDR); Forest Research Institute Malaysia (Malaysia); Khin Maung Lwin (Myanmar); Swoyambhu Man Amatya (Nepal); Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute (Papua New Guinea); Nimfa Torreta (the Philippines); H.M. Bandaratillake (Sri Lanka); Narong Pengpreecha and Watinee Thongchet (Thailand); and An Van Bay (Viet Nam).

Various colleagues at FAO headquarters and at the FAO Regional Office in Bangkok have been involved in the compilation, editing and finalization of the NWFP country profiles. Thomas Enters, Ma Qiang, Johan Lejeune, and Sven Walter, contributed to the collection, analysis and editing of the information presented. Their efforts are appreciated. Furthermore, we would like to thank the European Commission for the financial support given for this work through the Tropical Forestry Budget Line B7-6201/97.

It is hoped that readers will find this publication useful and that it will contribute to improving data collection on NWFP in Asia.


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