Non-Forest Tree Plantations

Table of Contents

Based on the work of
W. Killmann
Director, Forest Products Division
Forestry Department, FAO, Rome Italy
Edited by D. J. Mead
April 2001

Forest Plantations Thematic Papers

Forestry Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Forest Resources Development Service
Forest Resources Division
Forestry Department

Working Paper FP/6
FAO, Rome (Italy)

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. The rubber tree

2.1 The rubber plantation resource
2.2 Present status of the rubber plantation resource
2.3 Economic and social importance of rubberwood
2.4 Outlook for rubberwood

3. The coconut palm

3.1 The coconut resource
3.2 Present status of the coconut resource
3.3 Economic and social importance of coconut wood
3.4. Outlook for coconut wood

4. The African oil palm

4.1 The oil palm resource
4.2 Present status of the oil palm resource
4.3 Economic and social importance of oil palm fibres
4.4 Outlook for oil palm fibre products

5. Conclusions


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