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Appendix 3: Forest management

Topics: Criteria and indicators of sustainability; conservation and protected areas; closed season; eco-tourism; environmental impact; forest investment; socio-economic and financial; management plans; indicators of change.

FAO-FO. COFO 97. Progress towards sustainable forest management and follow up to UNCED, including implications of the work of the inter-governmental Panel of Forest (IPF). Forestry Department. Italy.

Document availability: FAO Forestry Library.
Forest management, sustainability and planning.

Method and model: Not applicable.

FAO-FO. 1997. Report. Expert meeting on criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management for Central America. CCAD-CCAB-AP. Rome .

Document availability: FAO Forestry Library

Method and model: Not applicable


FAO. Land and Water Development Division. 1997. Benitez. Shaxon, Viera. Land Condition change indicators for sustainable land resource management. Rome.

Document availability: FAO Forestry Library
Indicators and their use in sustainable agriculture and rural development.

Method and model: Not available


Morrissey, A. et al.1994. Ecosystem Management Federal Agency Initiatives. Congressional Research Service Library of Congress.

Document Availability: Population And Environmental Linkages (,Congressional Research Service (
Ecosystem management; co-operation and co-ordination between agencies; tools and ecosystem management; ecosystem management limits and opportunities.

Method and model: Not available in the description.


Naesset, E. Geographical Information System in long-term forest management and planning with special reference to preservation of biological diversity: A Review. Forest Ecology and Management 93. No 1-2 (1997): 121-36.

Document availability: CGIAR-IPGRI (
Geographic information system for preserving biodiversity. Ecology.

Method and models: GIS


Repetto, R. 1988. The Forest for the Trees? Government policies and the misuse of the Forest Resources. 1988. WRI. Washington.

Document availability: WRI:

USA and Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Brazil, West Africa: Governments committed in principle to conservation and wise resource use are aggravating the loss of their forest through misguided policies.

Methods and Models: No information available.


Schmithusen F. Wild-Eck, S. 1998. The meaning of forests to People in the Cities-Analysis of Selected Studies on Uses and Perceptions of Urban Areas.

Document availability: IUFRO virtual library

First Forum of Urban Forest Conference. Empirical studies related to the social meaning of forests, and the uses of forests in urban areas. Local level. Is not statistically relevant, but could be used as reference. Empirical study, qualitative data.

Whyte, G. 1995. Modelling Sustained Yields from New Zealandís Plantations Forests. Hokkaido.

Document availability: IUFRO virtual library

Modelling sustained yields from New Zealand Plantations forests. Statistical analysis about forests resources that can be used by independent and national agencies. National level statistical analysis to evaluate the sustainability of forests plantations.


World Bank. 1995. Monitoring Environmental Progress: Can we save the forest while using the trees.

Document availability: World Bank (http://www~esd.worldbankorg/htlm/esd/env/publicat/mep/mep05htm)

Improvements in environmentally sustainable development indicators for policy analysis. Forest Management; policy implications; goals for forest conservation management. Shifting from industrial management toward the involvement of local communities in the management of natural resources.

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