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AAC Annual Allowable Cut

ADB Asian Development Bank

AJK State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

APHI Asosiasi Pengusaha Hutan Indonesia (Indonesian Association for Forest Concession Holders)

APKINDO Asosiasi Panel Kayu Indonesia (Indonesian Wood Panel Association)

ARM Assistant Regional Manager of the STC

ARMM Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao

AWP Annual Working Plan

BAPLAN Badan Planology/Forestry Planning agency

BEHPHH Balai Eksploitasi Hutan and Pengujian Hasil Hutan (Forest Exploitation Agency)

BOE Bill of Entry

BPS Biro Pusat Statistik (Central Board of Statistics)

C & I Criteria & Indicators

CAR Cordillera Administrative Region

CBFM Community-based Forest Management

CBS Central Bureau of Statistics

CCF Chief Conservator of Forests

CDR Central Development Region

CENRO Community Environment and Natural Resources Office

CES Compendium on Environment Statistics

CF Conservator of Forests

Cft. Cubic feet

Cham Beam

CHK Custom House, Karachi

CIF Cost Insurance Freight

CSO Central Statistical Organisation

Dangchung Slim poles holding roof shingles, laid top to bottom.

DAO Department Administrative Order

DCF (FI & M) Deputy Conservator of Forests (Forest Inventory & Management)

DCF (R) Deputy Conservator of Forests (attached to a specified region)

DENR Department of Environment and Natural Resources

DFO Divisional Forest Officer

DFPSC District Forest Products Supply Committee

DG Directorate General

DGFPD Directorate General of Forest Product Development

Dishut Kabupaten Dinas Kehutanan Kabupaten (District Forestry Office, under Bupati/Mayor)

Dishut Propinsi Dinas Kehutanan Propinsi (Provincial Forestry Office, under governor)

DM Divisional Manager (under FDCL)

DOE Department of Energy

DoF Department of Forests

DoFS Department of Forestry Services

DPC Data Processing Centre

DR Reforestation fee

DR&C Department of Revenue & Customs

Drashing Trees used for sawlogs

DWF Department of Forestry and Wildlife

DWLC Department of Wildlife Conservation

DzFO Dzongkhag Forest Officer

Dzong Fortress

Dzongkhag District

EA1P Environment Action 1 Project

EDR Eastern Development Region

ENR Environment and Natural Resources

ESIA Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization

FBS Federal Bureau of Statistics

FD HQ Head Office of the Forest Department

FD Forest Department

FDCL Forestry Development Corporation Limited

FDPM Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia

FED Forest Extension Division

FMB Forest Management Bureau

FMO Forest Management Office

FMU Forest Management Unit

FNCCI Federation of Nepal Chambers of Commerce and Industries

FOB Free-on-Board

FPDB Forest Products Development Board

FPUD Forest Protection and Utilisation Division

FRDD Forest Resources Development Division

FRI Forest Research Institute

FRIM Forest Research Institute, Malaysia

FRMP Forest Resources Management Project

FSIS Forest Statistics Information System

FSMP Forestry Sector Master Plan

FSMS Forest Stocks Monitoring System

FWDR Far Western Development Region

GDP Gross Domestic Product

Geog Block

GIS Geographic Information System

GO Governmental Organisation

GOI The Government of Indonesia

GOSL Government of Sri Lanka

GVA Gross Value Added

HECS Household Energy Consumption Survey

HESS Household Energy Strategy Study

HPH Hak Pengusahaan Hutan (Forest Concession Right)

HQ Headquarters

HS Harmonised System

HSP Harmonized System of the Philippines

HTI Hutan Tanaman Industri (Industrial Tree Plantation)

IFMA Industrial Forest Management Agreement

IHH/PSDH Iuran Hasil Hutan /Provisi Sumber Daya Hutan (Forest Product Royalty)

IHPH Forest Concession Licence Fee

ILO International Labour Organisation

IMOS Integrated MTIB Operations System

IMS Information Management System

ITTO International Tropical Timber Organisation

JEDB Janatha Estates Development Board

JFSQ Joint Forestry Sector Questionnaire

JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency

JQ Joint Questionnaire

KAMFOREXIM Kampuchea Forest exports and Imports

Kanwil Kehutanan Regional Forestry Office under MOF

KLUI Klasifikasi Lapangan Usaha Indonesia. This is a modification of the International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC) revision 3. KLUI is an industrial classification adopted in the manufacturing industry survey, while HS and SITS are the commodities that are produced by such industrial classification.

LAN Local Area Network

LGU Local Government Unit

MATRADE Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation

MENR Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

MFSC Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation

MIS Management Information System

MIT Ministry of Industry and Trade

MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia

MoA Ministry of Agriculture

MOA Ministry of Agriculture

MoF Ministry of Finance

MOF/MOFEC Ministry of Forestry / Ministry of Forestry and Estate Crop

MPFD Master Plan for Forestry Development

MPI Ministry of Primary Industries, Malaysia

MRC Mekong River Commission

MTIB Malaysian Timber Industry Board

MWDR Mid-Western Development Region

N. As Northern Areas

NCD Nature Conservation Division

NCR National Capital Region

NEC National Environment Commission

NFP National Forestation Program

NGO Non-Governmental Organisation

NSCB National Statistical Coordination Board

NSO National Statistics Office

Nu. Ngultrum, Bhutanese currency. (US$1 = 48.68 Ngultrum)

NWFP (Pakistan) North West Frontier Province

NWFP Non Wood Forest Products

PENRO Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office

PFDA Private Forest Development Agreement

PFS Philippine Forestry Statistics

<PLOT> Statistical software for analysing inventory data

PMMD Plantation Management Monitoring Division

PPB Land Improvement Tax

PPMS Physical Performance Monitoring System

PSCC Philippine Standard Commodity Classification

RENRO Regional Environment and Natural Resources Office

RFO Range Forest Officer

RFPO Regional Forestry Planning Office

RGC Royal Government of Cambodia

RGOB Royal Government of Bhutan

RM Regional Manager of the STC

RNR-RC Renewable Natural Resources Research Centres

RP Republic of the Philippines

RPC Regional Plantation Company

RPMS Revised Price Monitoring System

RRA Rapid Rural Appraisal

RS Remote Sensing

S2S Sawntimber with two smooth surfaces

S4S Sawntimber with four smooth surfaces

SB Shipping Bill

Shinglep Shingles (Usually fir trees are used for making shingles)

SIFMA Socialized Industrial Forest Management System

SLR Sri Lanka Rupees

SLSPC Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation

SRO Statutory regulatory order

SRS Statistical Reporting System

STC HQ Head Office of the State Timber Corporation

STC State Timber Corporation

STIDC Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation

SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (Analysis method)

TCN Timber Corporation of Nepal

Thram Land record document

TPTI Indonesian Selective Cutting System/ Indonesian Selective Cutting and Planting Silvicultural System

TSI Timber Stand Improvement

Tsim Slim poles that are laid horizontally on the roof to hold shingles

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

USAID United States Agency for International Development

WB World Bank

WCO World Customs Organisation

WDR Western Development Region





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