Fishes of the Maldives - (Madras 1997)- BOBP/MAG/21

Fishes of the Maldives - (Madras 1997)- BOBP/MAG/21

Manual and Guide 21

Marine Research Section

December 1997

Published by: Marine Research Section,
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture,
Malé, Republic of Maldives

Printed in India with the assistance of Bay of Bengal Programme
Madras 600018 India

Table of Contents

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M.R.S. (1997) Fishes of the Maldives. Marine Research Section, Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, Republic of Maldives. 408 pp.


The Bay of Bengal Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations are proud to be associated with this important document, which is a catalogue of fishes in the Maldives. The Message from the President of the Maldives reflects the importance he and the government accord to the subject. The BOBP is committed to support the efforts of its member-governments to promote fisheries management. In the Maldives, we are assisting development of a model for participatory community-based integrated reef resources management. Essential to such a process is knowledge of the rich fish resources of the Maldives. This comprehensive well-illustrated catalogue will be of great help to fishery scientists and officials, to fish exporters, students and to fishermen themselves, besides serving as an invaluable reference book for researchers around the world. We compliment the Marine Research Section of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of the Republic of Maldives, and the scientists and researchers and artists who made this magnificent publication possible. We are sure it will promote the cause of fisheries management and economic development in the Maldives, besides being a useful contribution to knowledge.
Dr. Kee-Chai CHONG Programme Coordinator Bay of Bengal Programme / FAO


The production of this volume was a major team effort by the staff of the Marine Research Section. This work is largely based on the previous four Catalogues of Fishes of the Maldives; the efforts of all contributors to those earlier volumes are gratefully acknowledged. That this volume has been produced at all is in large part the result of the work of Ibrahim Naeem, who sorted and arranged all specimens in the MRS collection, checked identifications, revised existing sheets prepared new ones for new additions, and overseen the whole production of this work. Ahmed Hafiz wrote most of the Dhivehi sections. Dr. R. Charles Anderson prepared much of the English text, and also provided the colour slides for the plates. Most line drawings for new additions were prepared and many old line drawings were redrawn by Ibrahim Faizan. Ibrahim Nadheeh was responsible for layout and provided much editorial assistance; he and Fathimath Zeena carried out most of the word-processing. Other MRS staff members who have made contributions to this volume include Ajula Rasheed, Hussein Zahir and Hamid Shafeeu. Mr. Ahmed Shakir kindly assisted with the layout. This book contains the most extensive and comprehensive Dhivehi text yet produced on the fishes of the Maldives. It is therefore most appropriate that His Excellency President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, who has long had a profound interest in and concern for the fish and fisheries of our country, has provided a Dhivehi message. We are most grateful to him. The Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, the Hon. Hassan Sobir, provided much encouragement throughout. Funds for printing were generously provided by the Bay of Bengal Programme, a regional fisheries development programme based in Madras.



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