11 March 1971


Rome, 22 March - 2 April 1971



A Documentation for the Meeting

B List of Members of the Expert Group

C Provisional Agenda

D Proposed Programme of Work and Time-table

For Agenda Item No.Working Papers
1 Opening statement, by Dr. B. M. Ojala
2 Introductory remarks, by Dr E. M. DeMaeyer
3 A note on the factorial method for calculating protein requirements for maintenance in human subjects, by M.SWAMINATHAN
4 Experience in the Application of (a) the Report of the Second Committee on Calorie Requirements, FAO (1957) and (b) the FAO/WHO Report on Protein Requirements (1965), by FAO/WHO.
5 Definition of Requirements, Allowances, etc, Excerpts from Reports of FAO Calorie (1950 & 1957) and FAO/WHO Protein Requirements (1957 & 1965)
6 Observations on the approach to the problem of protein requirements, by Dr. J.C. Waterlow.
6 The definition of requirements and recommendations for protein with notes on the magnitude and degree of uncertainty of the factorial components, by Dr. P.R. Payne.
7 Protein and calories, by Dr. D.M. Hegsted
7 Interrelationships between protein and energy requirements, by Dr. J.C. Waterlow and Dr. P.R. Payne.
7 Studies on protein requirements with special reference to the effect of excess calories during adaptation of young men to low protein intakes, by Dr. G. Inoue et al.
8 Definition of the Reference Man, by Prof. J. Tremolieres.
8 Anthropometric data for the definition of reference man and woman, by Dr. M. Cresta
9 Factors affecting energy requirements:

- Body size

- Age

- Physical activity

- Pregnancy and lactation

- Climate

by Dr. R. Passmore

9 c Time and activity studies, by FAO
9 e Climate, by FAO
10 Units - expression in joules or calories ? by FAO
10 a Energy intake of children by age groups, by FAO
11 a Principles and methods of estimating protein requirements for maintenance, by Dr. H. N. Munro
11 a Fecal and urinary nitrogen losses, by F. Viteri, R. Bressani and G. Arroyave
11 a Minor obligatory routes of nitrogen loss in man, by Dr. D. H. Calloway.
11 a Requirements for amino acids, by Dr. H.N. Munro
11 b Principles and methods of estimating protein requirements for growth, by Dr. Gopalan.
11 b Requirements for growth of amino acids, by Dr. Gopalan
11 b Fecal & urinary nitrogen losses, by F. Viteri, R. Bressani and G. Arroyave
12 Methods of estimating protein quality, by Dr. D.M. Hegsted.
12 Reference patterns of amino acids, by Dr. P. R. Payne
12 The amino acid content of hen's egg in relation to dietary protein intake, breed and environment, by Dr. P. Lunven and C. le Clement de St. Maroq.
12 Study of the correlations between biological and chemical measurements of food protein quality, by Dr. M. Cresta et al.
13 Factors influencing protein utilization, by Dr. P.R. Payne.
14 See titles of papers by Dr. J. C. Waterlow and Dr. P.R. Payne for Agenda Item 3.
14 Recommended intakes of proteins for maintenance, by Dr. J. Tremolieres.
14 Recommended intakes of proteins for maintenance, by Dr. J. Tremolieres.
14 Recommended intakes of protein for growth, by Dr. R. Passmore.
15 Waste (Plate) figures, by FAO
15 The concept and application of the FAO/WHO recommended intakes, by Dr. G. Beaton


Bp 1   Energy requirements in the Tropies, by Dr. D. Miller
Bp 2   Calorie Requirements. Report of the Second FAO Committee. FAO Nutritional Studies No. 15 (1957).
Bp 3   Protein Requirements. Report of a Joint FAO/WHO Expert Group. FAO Nutritional Meetings Report Series No. 37 (also WHO Technical Reports Series No. 301).
Bp 4   An Assessment of the Report of the Second Committee on Calorie Requirements (FAO, 1957) by Dr. R. Passmore, Rome, 1964.
Bp 5   Recommended Dictary Allowances, 7th revised edition, 1968. A Report of the Food and Nutrition Board, NRC/USA.
Bp 6   Recomandaoiones Nutricionales Diarias, por M. Flores, M.T. Menchu, G. Arroyave, y M. Behar. INCAP, Guatemala, Febrero de 1961.
Bp 7   Physiological Effect of Protein Deficiency with Special Reference to Evaluation of Protein Nutrition and Protein Requirements, by H. Yoshimura.
Bp 8   Recommended Daily Allowances of Nutrients and Balanced Diets,* recommended by the Nutrition Expert Group, Indian Council of Medical Research (June 1968).
Bp 9   Standards de Nutrition pour le Canada. Protéines (révision:1968)*
Bp 10   Protein Requirements of Pre-school Children, by Dr. G. Arroyave, INCAP.
Bp 11   Definition of Requirements, Allowances, etc. Excerpts from Reports of the FAO Calories Requirements Meeting (1950 and 1957) and the FAO/WHO Protein Requirements Meeting (1957 and 1965).

* Few copies are available.