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The English edition of the Elephant Care Manual for Mahouts and Camp Managers is a mirror version of the primary goal, the Thai language edition. The same subjects are found on the same pages in both languages.

The Thai edition is intended primarily for men whose education rarely extends beyond four years and whose understanding of science (and thus hygiene, disease, etc.) is particularly poor. A few short sections provide essential background for tourist camp owners and managers, mostly small businessmen having little experience of elephants but holding vast influence over them. It is hoped that this manual will help outsiders more clearly see the elephant health care problems facing both Thai mahouts and managers.

Readers are asked to keep in mind that there is no natural audience for which this book would ever have been written in English. The information supplied is simply far too basic for veterinarians or even for readers with a secondary education. Even a book written for the mahout's modern counterparts, zoo keepers, could safely assume a much deeper pool of scientific and technical knowledge on the part of its readers.

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