CIFA Occasional Paper No. 27 CIFA Occasional Paper No. 27


Report of a Producers Workshop
Accra, Ghana, 27 February-3 March 2006

Prepared by

John Moehl
Regional Aquaculture Officer
FAO Regional Office for Africa

Randall Brummett
Senior Aquaculture Scientist
WorldFish Centre

Raul Ponzoni
Research Scientist and Project Leader (Geneticist)
Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement
WorldFish Centre

Rome, 2006

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Executive Summary

1.      Introduction

2.      Background
Technical Setting
Review of Genetic Management Training Materials
Review of Regional Genetic Management Policies
3.      Producers Position Statement
Specific Recommendations from the Producers
4.      Scientific Context 5
Current African Hatchery Stocks
Genetic Introgression
Introduction of New Species
The Risk of Importing Captive Tilapia Populations for African Aquaculture
Summary & Recommendations
5.      Role of the Private Sector

6.      Conclusions

7.      Way Forward

8.      Annexes
A.  List of Participants

B.  Agenda

C.  Technical Briefs
I.   Selective Breeding Methods
II.  Genetic Management in Aquaculture: Effective Breeding Number
III.  Inbreeding
IV. Cyclical Mating Scheme
D.  NACA as a Template For NACAF12

E.  Project Concept: Improved Tilapia Strains For Aquaculture in Africa

F.  Participants Feedback

G.  Nairobi Declaration

H.  Abuja Declaration: NEPAD Fish For All Summit

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