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Nomination of the Chairman of the Conference, the Chairman of the Commissions of the Conference, and the Rapporteur of the Plenary to Commision I1

5. In accordance with Rule VII—1 of the General Rules of the Organization (GRO), the 2.Council agreed to put the following nominations before the Conference:

Chairman of the Conference: J. Lamo de Espinosa (Spain)
Chairman of Commission I: M.S. Zehni (Libya)
Chairman of Commission II: M.S. Swaminathan (India)
Chairman of Commission III: H. Mauria (Finland)

6. The Council also agreed to nominate H. Mends (Ghana) as Rapporteur from Plenary to Commission I.

Election of the Nominations Committee1

7. In accordance with Rule XXIV—5(b) CR0, the Council elected the following eleven Member Nations to the Nominations Committee:

AngolaIraqSri Lanka
Botswana Kuwait Thailand
Germany (Fed. Rep. of) New Zealand Uruguay
Greece Peru

Nomination of the Chairman of the Informal Meeting of Observers of Non—Governmental Organizations2

8.The Council nominated V. Harnaj (International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations) to chair the Informal Meeting of Observers from Non—Governmental Organizations.

Revised Arrangements for the Twentieth Session of the Conference3

9. The Council approved the revised arrangements and timetable for the session of the Conference.

1C 79/12—Rev.2; CL 76/PV/5; CL 76/PV/6.

2CL 76/INF/5; CL 76/V/5; CL 76/PV/6.

3C 79/12—Rev.2; CL 76/PV/4; CL 76/PV/6.

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