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Report on Unscheduled and Cancelled Sessions in the 1978—79 Biennium 1

96. The Council recalled that the Director—General had been authorized by the Fourteenth Session of the Conference to convene unscheduled sessions in exceptional cases and had been requested to make rugular reports to the Council on the unscheduled sessions approved and on the sessions cancelled. It also recalled that at its Fifty—first Session it had requested that such reports should list any changes in attendance at approved sessions.

97. The Council noted that since its Seventy—fourth Session, a further ten unscheduled sessions had been approved and 44 sessions cancelled, making a total for the biennium of 21 unscheduled and 58 cancelled sessions. It was felt that this was in line with the Director—General’s efforts to reduce the number of meetings.

98. The Council also noted that there had been two changes in attendance at sessions.

99. As regards the reasons for cancellation of three sessions at the request of the host governments, it was noted that these were mainly due to logistic and internal difficulties.

100. Details of the unscheduled and cancelled sessions and of the changes in attendance which had been approved since the Seventy—fourth Session of the Council are given in Appendix G.

Date and Place of the Seventy—seventh Session of the Council 2

101. The Council decided that its Seventy—seventh Session would be convened on the afternoon of Thursday 29 November and the morning of Friday 30 November in the eventuality that the Conference should finish its work during the morning of 29 November. Should the Conference however not end until the afternoon, the Council would then convene on 30 November.

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