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CL 76/1

Provisional Agenda

CL 76/1(a)—Rev.2

Annotated Agenda


Invitations to International NGO’s which do not have Status with FAO

CL 76/3

JIU Report on the Inter—Organization Board for Information Systems (JIU/REP/78/7)

CL 76/4

Report of the Thirty—Seventh Session of the Programme Committee, and Report of the Forty—fourth Session of the Finance Committee

CL 76/5

Report of the Thirty—eighth Session of the CCLM

CL 76/6

Report of the Fifty—second Session of the CCP

CL 76/7

JIU Report on Regional Training Programmes in African Wildlife Management at Mweka and Caroua (JIU/REP/79/1)

CL 76/8

Report of the Thirteenth Session of the COFI

CL 76/9

JIU Report on the Use of Consultants and Experts in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (JIU/REP/79/ 7)

CL 76/9—Corr.1 (Spanish only)

Corrigendum to CL 76/9

CL 76/10

Eleventh Report on the Activities of the Joint Inspection Unit: July 1978— June 1979

CL 76/11

Second Report on Unscheduled Sessions in the 1978—79 Biennium

CL 76/12

Progress Report on the Action Programme for the Prevention of Food Losses

CL 76/INF/Series

CL 76/INF/1—Rev.1

Provisional Timetable

CL 76/INF/2—Rev.1

Provisional List of Delegates and Observers

CL 76/INF/3

Provisional List of Documents

CL 76/INF/4

Information for Delegates and Qhserves

CL 76/INF/5

Nomination of Chairman of the Informal Meeting of Observers from NGOs

Cl 76/INF/6

Index of Conference and Council Decisions

CL 76/INF/7

Implementation of Decision.s Taken at the Seventy—fifth Council Session

CL 76/INF/8

Changes in Representation of Member Countries on the Programme Committee

CL 76/LIM/Series

CL 76/LIM/1

Financial Position of the Organization

CL 76/LIM/2

Invitations to Non—Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions

CL 76/OD/Series

CL 76/OD/1 to


First to Third Orders of the Day

CL 76/OD/3



CL 76/REP/Series

CL 76/REP/1


Draft Report of Plenary

CL 76/REP/1—Corr.1


CL 76/REP/2 to


CL 76/REP/4


CL 76/PV/Series

CL 76/PV/I to


Verbatim Records of Plenary

CL 76/PV/6


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