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CL 81/1

Provisional Agenda

CL 81/2

Membership of the Programme Committee and Finance Committee

CL 81/3

Membership of the Committee on Constitutiona.1 and Legal Matters

CL 81/4

Membership of the Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes

CL 81/5

Provisional Calendar of 1982–83 Sessions of the Council and of those Bodies which report to the Council

CL 81/LIM/Series

CL 81/LIM/1

Election of Chairman and Members of the Programme Committee

CL 8l/LIM/2

Election of Chairman and Members of the Finance Committee

CL 81/LIM/3

Election of Members of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters

CL 81/LIM/4

Election of Five Members of the Committees on Food Aid Policies arid Programmes

CL 81/LIM/5

Membership in the Open Committees of the Council, 1982–83

CL 81/0D/Series

CL 81/OD/l

Order of the Day

CL 81/PV/Series

CL 81/PV/l to

Verbatim Records of Plenary

CL 81/PV/2

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