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Election of the Chairman and Members of the Programme Committee

Agreed on the need to review, at its November 1988 session, those parts of Rules XXVI and XXVII of the General Rules of the Organization (GRO) that related to the election of members of the Programme and Finance Committees in order to guarantee appropriate regional representation on each Committee (para. 7).

Calendar of 1988-89 Sessions of the Council and Bodies which Report to the Council

Approved the Calendar of 1988-89 Sessions o the Council and of those Bodies which report to it on condition that some dates were to be considered provisional and subject to further consultation (para. 11).

Invitations to Non-Member Nations to attend FAO Sessions

Agreed to the request made by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to send an observer to the meetings of the Organization in 1988-89, as follows: Second Session of the Sub-Committee on Fish Trade of the Committee on Fisheries (FI-7O9); Ninth Session of the Indian Ocean Fishery Commission (FI-732); Tenth Session of the IOFC Committee for the Management of Indian Ocean Tuna (FI-734); and Fifth Session of the Working Party on Fishery Statistics of the Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic (FI-785) (para. 12).

Date and Place of the Ninety-fourth Session of the Council

Decided that its Ninety-fourth Session should be convened in Rome from 15 to 25 November 1988 (para. 15).