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15. Forging a welded ring for use with chain

Material. Mild steel, 16 mm round section 110 mm long.

Additional tools. No special tools needed.


This job is similar to a welded chain link except that in this job both ends of the metal are upset to allow additional metal for the welded joint. This is normal forge-welding practice.

Take a near-welding heat and upset both ends (Fig. 102A). Take a bright red heat over the centre section of the job and bend over the beak to a U shape. Scarf both ends as for the chain link (Fig. 102B). Heat all over to a bright red heat and form into a ring (Fig. 102C). Take a full welding heat on the scarfed ends and weld up as in the chain link. Weld securely on the face of the anvil, transfer to the beak and forge the joint to a square section at that point. Finally, reheating if needed, forge off the corners of the square section and then forge back to the round section. While it is still hot, round up the ring, wire-brush it and allow it to cool.

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Figure 102