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"There is nothing new under the sun."

 Though there may not be anything new under the sun, there are always new ways to put things  together in a little different way, to be more systematic, or adjust and adapt to new situations. That is what this guide does. It borrows ideas, concepts, and practices from curriculum development, program planning, evaluation, and training curriculum materials. It has evolved by building on the best practices, from theory and practice, of curriculum development, program planning, evaluation, and youth development specialists.

 A number of resources were reviewed in the preparation of this guide. The framework and basic concepts were adapted from three primary sources:

 National 4-H Council offered their permission to use "On Common Ground" collaboration  materials (Issues Grid - Appendix A) which are fully referenced in the Addendum. The full set of training materials are available through National 4-H Council (References, p.57). Many concepts were also borrowed from the t_3 - (Training Trainers to Teach) training curriculum (References, p.57).

 This guide became a reality through the support of many people. William Seiders provided  guidance, patience, support, and sustenance via e-mail from FAO in Rome. Dr. Virginia Gobeli, National Program Leader, USDA/4-H Youth Development, suggested this was an project would be an interesting opportunity-then supported the suggestions by reviewing drafts, advising, and encouraging the author. Eleanor Wilson, a friend, co-worker, and former member of the USDA/4-H Youth Development staff, also one of the most experienced informal youth development curriculum specialists in the world, help with reviewing, conceptualizing the structure and organization of the guide, and provided encouragement.

 Special appreciation and thanks to Paulette Robinson, a wonderful friend, editor, and advisor.  Thanks also to Ana Kirkland for her technical support. My deepest gratitude also to my family for their patience, understanding, and continual supportive encouragement.

 Throughout this guide there are quotes and sayings that seemed to concisely sum up an idea or  concept.. I encourage translators and writers who adapt the Guide to substitute their own "folk wisdoms" or inspirational quotes. It is a fun and interesting way to "make a point" and clearly convey a concept.

 Feedback is most welcome. A guide such as this needs to be tested in the field, refined,  simplified or expanded, as appropriate. Take what is useful, simplify, adapt, and improve.

Best wishes as we strive to help each other in making this world a better place for all.

Gwen El Sawi, Ph.D.

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