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These organizations provide population education curriculum resources in one or more issue areas. If available, search for internet web pages with additional organizational and resource information.


l) National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

The NAL is one of the world's largest collections of agriculture and rural life references. Check University libraries for additional data banks and references.

2.) CYFERNet: An excellent source for information is: " the Internet-based children, youth, and family   (CYF) information service of The Cooperative Extension System (CES). CYFERNet is a central source for five cooperating networks, compiled by CES and more than 100 community-based programs in the CYFAR initiatives. It includes:
Health - National Decisions for Health Network (NDHN).
Child Care-National Network for Child Care (NNCC).
Building  Organizational Collaborations - National Network for Collaboration (NNCO).
Promoting Family Strength -National Network for Family Resiliency (NNFR).
Science and Technology Programs — National Network for Science and Technology Literacy (NNST)

CYFERNet maintains the following collections:

  1. National 4-H Collection of Reviewed Youth Curricula;
  2. PINNET, North Central Region 4-H Curriculum database;
  3. 4-H Curriculum Development: Status & Needs;
  4. National 4-H Collection of Youth Curricula: Jury Process;
  5. CES 4-H Curriculum Development Projects and Requests for Proposals;
  6. Resources for Teaching Sustainable Agriculture; and
  7. Aquaculture for Youth and Youth Education.

Other CYF Curriculum Resources:

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