Building small wooden boats in Myanmar  

Building small wooden boats in Myanmar
12 ft & 18 ft Multi-purpose boats

Immediate Rehabilitation of Subsistence Fisheries Livelihoods
in Areas Affected by Cyclone Nargis (OSRO/MYA/805/SWE)
Funded by the Government of Sweden

by Daniel Davy, FAO Consultant & Kilian Svensson, FAO Consultant

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Rome, 2009
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This step-by-step manual contains information on the construction of small multi-purpose boats typical of those found in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta in Myanmar. Its purpose is to give organizations access to detailed information on boatbuilding, which will allow the production of small boats appropriate to the Delta. The manual is also intended to assist organizations in their understanding of the boatbuilding process and to provide guidelines on good practice. It should assist in the review of contracts and quality control in boatbuilding.

The manual provides information on two boat designs: 12 ft and 18 ft boats. It also gives the scantlings and material requirements as well as the guidelines for selecting and using timber for the boat construction. The largest part of the manual describes how to build the boats step-by-step. Finally, the manual contains boatbuilding guidelines for wooden boats of less than 7 m in length and operating at speeds of less than 12 knots.


Building small wooden boats in Myanmar

Abstract and table of contents  (Download pdf 262 kb)

Introduction  (Download pdf 295 kb)
Material requirements

Guidelines for selecting and using timber   (Download 295 kbpdf)
Step-by-step construction method

Step-by-step construction method (cont'd)  (Download pdf 328 kb)

Step-by-step construction method (cont'd)  (Download pdf 318 kb)

Boat-building guidelines  (Download pdf 360 kb)

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